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hiring someone to "design" your book collection is on a par with buying art to match the couch or using pottery barn compilation CDs to set a mood.

i can't wait until someone picks up a book off his shelf and asks his opinion about it. "sorry, haven't read it - but it *does* match the drapes."

Good Questions: How To Start a Book Collection?
7/20/07 08:31 PM

Last time this was on the site, I forwarded it to my board, hoping they would consider it. They didn't.

So, I just forwarded it again, with more hope.

It seems like such a great idea; is there any down side?

Water Not Required: Green Roof Blocks
7/6/07 06:46 PM

anyone who has not been to wave hill MUST go. in person, it's just sooooo beautiful.

PlantTherapy: Weekend Stop at Wave Hill
6/10/07 05:04 PM


anyone know of a reliable handyman/contractor who does good work, and is willing to take a small job (some sheetrocking/spackling in a small bathroom?)


Open Thread 347
6/1/07 07:13 AM

oh. yes. the vulva escaped me.

Hot or Not?
6/1/07 07:11 AM

the only way it could be even more repellent would be if it were anatomically correct.

(that's not a misogynist comment, btw - cuz i'd feel the same way about an anatomically correct male version.)

Hot or Not?
6/1/07 06:30 AM