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Hey! Canton's big time! No joke about avoiding it during the summer! Don't be afraid to haggle or try for a group discount if you're buying multiple things from one vendor... especially if they aren't in the Arbors.

First Monday Trade Days at Canton, Texas
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2/24/11 01:22 PM

I used to have one but when I bought a house there was no real good place for it with convenient plumbing. Also, it occasionally leaves teeny poops in it and during the drying process those teeny poops are hot air baked, filling the whole house with a horrible very memorable smell.

I switched to the Litter Robot and put it in a closet because it doesn't require plumbing. I empty the receptacle once a week and use regular trashbags instead of buying their more expensive bags.

Yay or Nay? Cat Genie Self-Cleaning Litter Box
1/28/11 11:54 AM

super cute.

A Could-have-been Love Story
1/27/11 02:22 PM


search for paper products... tons of sellers!

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Where Can I Order Recycled Paper Party Invitations? Good Question
11/6/09 02:39 PM

Locavore may be a better alternative than FarmFresh.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Roundup: 11 iPhone Applications To Green Your Life
7/23/09 03:47 PM

In my experience thus far, container gardens, while they allow some who don't have yards for gardening, pale in comparison to the same plants growing in my raised bed. Last year I did only containers for things like basil, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc... the grape tomatoes did produce, but not much. The basil and other herbs thrived. This year though, peas in containers died off while the ones in the raised bed are STILL producing. The tomato plants in the containers are pygmies in comparison to the ones in the raised bed, and they are all planted and watered at the same time. The only thing that I think I'll keep in containers next year are strawberries... I'll definitely invest in another strawberry pot. Next year the containers will be strictly flowers, I think.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Inspiration: Container FarmingHeavy Petal
6/9/09 10:49 AM

Pink and brown are good, but what about a muted lavendar?

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: What Color Walls with Green Sink?
5/13/09 06:34 PM

There are two at Overstock.com

Don't buy them all, i may want one soon. :-)

Note: Even if the picture is a dark color, double check the options... most come in walnut and a white.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Good Question: Similar Style Desk in Lighter Finish?
4/9/09 11:00 AM

I bought this in an attempt to have something to shave on but it was a bit to big to keep in the shower. However, it was very stable and I think it would work well for your grandmother:

A lot of people carry this one and I would recommend it :-)

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Stool or Bench for Shower?
4/8/09 11:50 AM

After serving everyone dinner, put leftovers into meal size containers. They are then ready to go into the freezer or lunch bag to take to work! Taking lunch to work means not having to decide what lunch you want and having to drive there to get it!

(If plasticware is not provided, remember to include that, or better yet, have a stash ready at work!)

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10/30/08 02:20 PM


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10/9/08 11:58 AM