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About 8? years ago IKEA had the best metal and wicker lounge chair with ottoman. We called it the "potato chip chair", but I have no idea what the real name and designer was. I saw it featured in many magazine spreads after buying it. They only carried it for one season, and this thing sold out immediately. I have not ever seen it since. IKEA carries so many junkier looking indoor/outdoor furniture for seasons on end (if not years on end), but this really great find was a one-off.

Sadly, it was not to be left outside, and it was rained upon. Therefore, it became mildew-y and broke apart. I saw two of these chairs in a ELLE Decoration UK spread in pristine condition, and nearly cried.

Why, IKEA, why?!? You are a harsh mistress!

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5/18/09 10:00 PM

I once said "you just can't cheap-out on a scented candle" while stealthily extinguishing a "Pumkin Spice Bread" Yankee candle the size of a 2-litre of Coke that was quickly killing a room full of people during Christmas dinner at a relative's house. The haze of chemical Pumpkin Spice induced behavior in me that normally, I would have kept quiet. It was grosser than gross. It was the lasting memory of that Christmas.

I use mostly unscented, but every once in a while I like to light Molton Brown's The Vert. It is fresh and awesome, and lasts forever, so I light it maybe once a week. Votivo and Diptych are also nice. As long as they are natural and fresh, not cheap and cloying, they are OK.

I still sneeze when I pass a Yankee Candle at the Mall. And gag.

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4/23/09 08:27 PM

Beautiful closet. Seems not an ounce of wasted space... Great Job!

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4/14/09 06:42 PM