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I love the photos of her and the baby naturally interacting with each other. The space is nice and child friendly.

Mikola and Randall's Modern and Airy Small Space House Tour
4/4/14 08:50 PM

So nice and cozy.

Michael & Jitka’s Artfully Combined Townhouse House Tour
7/18/13 08:26 PM

Wider shots might've help me understand these spaces-Were the mason jars in a food pantry? Could not tell what was in them.

Laura and Andrew's HOME Gallery House Tour
7/10/13 08:04 PM

Wow! This place rocks! So clean and organized.The crew looks so hip-I love it all! Good job guys!

Imperial Tattoo's Industrial Loft Creative Workspace Tour
7/10/13 07:57 PM

So cozy and colorful-well done!

Elaine & Adam's Cheerful & Cozy Small Cool Contest
5/16/13 08:23 AM

Great organized space!

Amy Pigliacampo's Home Office + Studio Workspace Tour
3/24/13 07:26 PM

Very nice and so organized.

Sabrina's Black & White Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/23/13 01:45 PM

I love my Vitamix- blending up fruit and vegetable smoothies is so easy.

The One Kitchen Item Worth Splurging On Reader Intelligence Report
2/22/13 08:04 AM


Tolga and Gulin's Illuminated iLife
Tech Tour

1/18/13 10:02 PM


Abina's "Burnt Orange, Chocolate, Caramel" Bathroom Room for Color Contest
10/24/12 09:10 AM

My clock radio has several sounds of nature that lull me off to sleep-my favorite is rain

Steal These Habits For A Good Night's Sleep
10/9/12 04:39 PM

what is the big deal about the pictures?! I can see the colors just fine in the 1st photo.The walls are light-you clearly see the color of the black leather couch,wooden floors and tables....the place and photos look great!!!

Sean's "Me." Room Room for Color Contest
10/3/12 11:40 AM

Love the couch and the pop art.

Eve's "Pop of Psychedelia" Living Room Room for Color Contest
10/1/12 04:33 PM

great job!

Kelly's "Boathouse Vintage" Kitchen Room for Color Contest
10/1/12 04:30 PM

Great to see a Charlotte Tour! Your home is lovely!

A Contemporary Space in the Queen City
House Tour

2/15/12 05:26 PM

Accessing the spices is not a problem-I just POUR what I want to use in a 1 ounce measuring glass (measures from 1 tsp-1 oz) And to address the air concerns- if you shop in health food stores and buy spices in bulk-you'll notice the large glass jars the spices are stored in and the amount of air in those jars-I buy small quantities and use daily.

Look! Kombucha Bottles as Spice Storage
12/27/11 01:30 PM

I love your space!!! Great Job!!!!

Patrick's Woodsy Chic Condo
House Tour

2/12/11 06:05 PM

Love the color! and the glass jars,it's small but nicely organized.

Carmen's Cheerful, Colorful Portland Kitchen Small Cool Kitchens 2010 - Rent Division | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
5/10/10 04:13 PM

Where can I order those CD holders from?

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4/28/09 06:49 PM


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