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This task is going on the back burner. I'm super organized short term-- bills, taxes, landing strip-- but long term files? Not so much. Instead today I'll set a deadline to hire someone to help me, then finish spice clean out, followed by making some art in the studio. A day off is a lovely thing...

Less Mess & Stress: Getting Your Paperwork & Files Organized January Cure: Assignment # 13
1/20/14 10:57 AM

My teenage daughter picked up flowers for me a few days ago and just this morning I was thrilled to have them against a backdrop of snow. Floors and cleaners, check! I'm adding the task of running shower curtains through washing machine. Keep it rolling, everyone!

Weekend Chores: Flowers & Floors January Cure: Assignment #2
1/3/14 10:07 AM

Usually your content is very much on point; however I agree with the previous comments. My navy and white bathroom (with, gasp-- maroon elements) is rather nautical and charming. And I once painted my kitchen the color green seen in the photo and felt as if I was living on a tennis court. I think it's all context and personal taste.

The Rights and Wrongs of Paint Colors | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
3/17/10 06:01 PM

Seriously, I had a vintage blazer from the 60's that had photosilkscreened birch trees on it. Attractive? Not really. Better on bedding.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Le Souk Nature Themed Bedding, Pillows Towels
10/17/09 08:32 AM

aww i still miss domino mag!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Zooey Deschanel's Personal and Public Decor
9/18/09 08:22 PM

I want them all-- and i agree with bepsf-- reminiscent of either pyrex or corning ware.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Miranda: Japanese Storage Containers from Decole
5/8/09 08:36 PM

I love the simplicity of the structure and agree--- cabanas aren't just for pools anymore-- wouldn't that building make a perfect weekend cottage for two?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Inspiration: Pool Houses and Pavilions
5/6/09 08:47 PM

I love the eclectic with the modern look of white-- it is both elegant and welcoming. I am inspired! Best, Nadine Bouler

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Inspiration: White Walls Done Right
4/27/09 07:48 PM

I think it's a great look for the tween set--- youthful but not childish. Thanks for the post, Nadine

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Bedding Trend: Argyle
4/16/09 05:43 PM

It is amazing that curtains can be both aesthetically attractive and eco-friendly. Those passive systems of keeping heat in or the sun out are so underrated in our modern era of HVAC. And let's not forget the way a great curtain can transform a room. Thanks for showcasing some modern picks. Best, Nadine Bouler

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Inspiration: Bold-Patterned Draperies
4/6/09 09:51 PM