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Is this a re-post? Seems extremely familiar.

Chris and Amber's Old + New Renovated Home House Tour
7/29/14 01:32 PM

Staged to Perfection! It's a lovely home.

Chris and Amber's Old + New Renovated Home House Tour
7/29/14 01:30 PM

Simple. Clean. Fresh. I like it a lot. Great job.

Rachel's First Place (and It's Great!) House Call
7/29/14 10:56 AM

I'm loving this house tour! It doesn't look contrived at all! I love it all but I adore the succulent gardens, the yours sincerely artwork, and the collection of Japanese wooden dolls.

Wendy & Gavin's Bright White Cottage House Tour
7/25/14 12:34 PM

Oh no! Leave owls alone. I love them in decor, but I do not know why. The ones I do have in my home, people do not notice. I guess they do a good job of blending in.

How Do You Know a Trend is Officially \"Over?\"
7/24/14 03:17 PM

I do not usually enjoy children's spaces, but this is very well done. Great job.

Phoenix's 'Perfect Green' Room My Room
7/17/14 05:34 PM

I am completely guilty of clicking on this tour because I wanted to see more photos of the dog. I was not disappointed. Nice home also.

Graylin's Craftsman Influenced Bungalow House Call
7/17/14 05:32 PM

Fresh floral update. LOVE.

Before & After: A Pair of Tulip Chairs Get a Better Bloom
7/17/14 10:45 AM

I actually painted all the door trim in our hallway suede black. When my MIL came to visit awhile back, she asked me what the point of it was-what led me to think it was a good idea? Um thanks.

Design Dare: Paint Your Trim Black
7/16/14 08:16 PM

Some good ideas.

1) Add a rug
2) Add a throw over the chair or sofa
3) Add table lamps OR even wall sconces over the end tables.
4) Place a tray on the coffee table with some books or magazines

Ideas for Living Room that \"Needs a Little Something Else\"? Good Questions
7/15/14 10:17 AM

Finally, a real Austin tour. Love it!

Christina's Comfortable, Collected Austin Abode House Tour
7/4/14 10:30 AM

I'm so bummed out right now. Is a full tour coming in the very near future? I'd love to see the whole thing. Looks good.

Janine's Beautiful Baltimore Home House Call
7/2/14 03:46 PM

That's one of the things I love about the AT community...tracking down sources. Thank you. in reply to JulieH.

Trisha's Suburban Twin Cities Style House Call
7/1/14 11:49 AM

Can anyone tell me the source for the pendant lamps over the island? I've seen them in other photos, but still cannot find them.

Trisha's Suburban Twin Cities Style House Call
6/30/14 10:34 PM

I am so in love with this place! I wish I could do all this with our home! Just amazing!

Tamasyn's Eclectic Mid-Century Flat House Tour
6/26/14 12:06 PM

Sweet and simple. I like it.

Kelly's Luminous Tree House House Tour
6/24/14 10:00 PM

No. 1 is pretty funny.

10 Tell-Tale Signs that Your Home Style Is: Organic Modern
6/23/14 04:38 PM

Stellar! This is a very curious tour. I think landoffrost and mayabee have summed it up perfectly.

The Beautifully Strange World of Miranda Lake House Tour
6/19/14 01:54 PM

YAY! I hope this tour wins a category. Sweet!

Jessica's \"More is More\" Small Cool Contest
6/12/14 01:04 AM

I am loving MOST of this tour. I don't get a real feel for the actual space because the home has interesting architectural details on its own, but some of the decor pieces have strong architectural detail as well. I think that takes something away from the space. From certain view points, the lighting fixture over the dining table looks a little jarring. Everything else is wonderful.

Leslie and Jake's \"Street Cred Granny\" Style in LA House Tour
6/12/14 12:20 AM