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What a lovely, serene space, it's just gorgeous! And I love the black cat and pink armoire. The international division is hitting it out of the park!

Anna's Perfect Fit Small Cool Contest
6/3/14 04:46 PM

I think Georgia is lovely. It's very easy to read even on a little phone screen. Then again, I had no problem with Baskerville. I'm just glad Arial, which I think of as Helvetica's deformed sibling, is gone.

Font Change! Baskerville is out for text, Georgia is in... May 2014 Relaunch
5/9/14 06:06 PM

I have no upper cabinets and am very happy, even though my kitchen is fairly small (about 80 square feet). My kitchen is a narrow galley with a low ceiling and 2 windows and a door along one wall. We could have put in a maximum of 2 24" wide upper cabinets along that wall (not together) but thought that would look very strange and super-claustrophobic. I did install 3 Ikea 80" tall cabinets for a mini-pantry along the opposing wall so there's plenty of storage. I love not having upper cabinets, but I'm short and all of my lower cabinets are drawers so there's no bending down and rummaging around to contend with.

Renovation Inspiration: 10 Beautiful Kitchens with No Upper Cabinets
5/1/14 02:15 PM

Thank you!!

Greg & Rob's Sky Suite House Tour
10/24/13 07:12 PM

Gorgeous space, really well done. And I'm obsessing over the wooden stools by the breakfast bar. Who made them and where can I find 3-4 more for my breakfast bar?

Greg & Rob's Sky Suite House Tour
10/24/13 03:23 PM

Curve Appeal, in my bathroom.

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10/18/13 02:55 PM

I love this house! And that everything is DIY is amazing. I'm going through a very DIY remodel right now so really appreciate the amount of effort this must have taken. Beautiful!

Taylor's Sweet Little House House Tour
10/2/13 01:52 PM

I lived in a cute but weird duplex in Phoenix after college.The landlord lived in the front with her daughter and her kids. They camped out on my patio all the time and would scream horrible things at the children at all hours (and I'm pretty sure they physically abused them as well). The evaporative cooler wasn't hooked up and it was hot-as-hell summer so I had to climb up on the roof and fix it myself. And, as if all that wasn't enough, one night I discovered it was infested with scorpions. So I left, forfeited my small deposit and called Child Protective Services.

Run, Don't Walk: Worst-Landlord-Ever Stories
8/16/13 02:32 PM

Last weekend I had the house to myself. After enjoying the perfect quiet mornings, I binge watched Orange is the New Black, read an entire book (mostly while taking bubble baths before bed), made a batch of jam and finished a quilt top! It was fantastic!

What Do You Do When You Finally Have the House To Yourself?
7/23/13 11:48 AM

Trader Joes's used to carry Spega yogurt and I may have seen it at Whole Foods. The little glass jars are fantastic. A friend of mine got cork stoppers for them and uses them for spice storage.

My Kitchen Treat: Little Built-In Cabinet
2/1/13 03:03 PM

I've had a classic enamel Chantal teakettle for over 20 years. It works great and I love the Hohner harmonica whistle. And, yes, filter your water!

Recommendations for a Reliable, Long-Lasting Tea Kettle? Good Questions
1/18/13 02:04 PM

I had a similar experience with an Ikea kitchen and (handed off to a less than stellar local contractor) countertops. Call Ikea, let them know what's going on. They were fantastic and lit a fire under the countertop guys. Good luck and hang in!

The World's Ugliest Condo: And Then There Were(n't) Countertops Renovation Diary
4/27/12 03:23 PM

I have a Makita cordless drill that I've been very happy with.

The Essentials Inside a DIYer's Toolbox
3/2/12 05:02 PM

Very cozy and homey. I love that you've framed part of a Clark foam box!

Nancy, Ethan, & Ohle's 1903 Cabin in the Country
House Tour

11/3/11 04:17 PM

Different style but I did it in a room about that size and it worked.

Would a Canopy Bed Work in My Bedroom?
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10/19/11 01:34 PM

Absolutely gorgeous!

Sue's Simply Stunning Houseboat
House Tour

9/12/11 12:35 PM

I kinda like it. And agree that a more modern screen would be nice.

Bring Our Fireplace Up-to-Date?
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8/16/11 06:31 PM

“oh my gosh…”, indeed! What an amazing space! Thank you for sharing.

Sabrina Ward Harrison's Creative Space in Silver Lake
House Tour

8/10/11 05:13 PM

Love it! The photo with Salvador is great!

Hannah's Cozy, Creative La Canada Home
House Tour

7/12/11 05:14 PM

Supercute! I especially like your craft room (and your great shoes!).

Miguez and K.D.'s Cozy Cottage with Vintage Flair
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6/10/11 09:40 PM