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Growing up in Denver very near another Eichler plan community and now living near Krisiana near Fairmount, I know how coveted these homes are and how much work goes into the lovely home you have! There are really only a few of them in the neighborhood and we are trying to save to buy one ourselves. To the Galbreath's this was very exciting (and charming) to see how lovely and warm you have made your home, the only available one on the market a while back was so dingy we knew we would be miserable. This gives us hope!

Jessica & Jonathan's 'Like-Eich' Ranch House Tour
7/12/12 08:51 PM

The Saguaro in Scottsdale used to be a Mondrian Hotel (and was designed by Phillipe Stark if I remember correctly). I stayed there and at the time it was into it's decline. The rooms were tiny, the Holiday Inn vibe still remained, we actually were charged a delivery fee for water glasses... the room was dark, so this looks like an improvement. I love the rainbow brite color scheme actually.

always wanted to know what happened to it. Looks like a paint job spruced the vibe up. Might have to give it another try when we go back to Scottsdale.

Palm Springs Color Inspiration The Saguaro
3/1/12 11:35 PM

I agree with @fardaesm. Go into a ZGallerie store and ask to look at their catalouge from vendors. They carry almost the entire line from this manufacturer. I ordered a dresser from them that they don't carry in the store or online but ordered from the vendor directly for me. It was pricey but totally worth it. They are terrific to work with and work directly with the manufacturer for delivery and set up too. The line you are going to want to inquire about is called: "Borghese".

I want to note that make sure it is what you want and that the feet/legs of the bed are guaranteed as you want to make sure they are reinforced for any weight/movement/pressure.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Identify this Mirrored Bed?
10/15/08 01:42 PM

I am in Denver, Colorado.

Survey: Are you in the Southwest?
5/31/07 06:00 PM