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That was NOT a curb piece, for sure. Anything with old wood (w/o termites) is recyclable. Old, unique is better tha new.

Before & After: Curbside Trash Becomes Glam Desk
7/3/13 01:20 PM

Love those DIY projects! Another idea is like laying tile: start in the middle if the room is not square; edges don't have to be perfect.

How To Make a Block Print Rug Using a Welcome Mat
2/10/11 12:10 AM

Absolute FAV!!! Brava/o! Like the tables, especially one running the length of a window, with storage below. I'm inspired to build one like it, only shorter for smaller place.

Thanks for highlighting this. It is spot on for comfy / cozy, yet elegant!!!

The Browns' Cottage Novella
House Tour

11/22/10 07:00 PM

Way too, too, too.....

Like a Hummer, nothing there that doesn't signal excessive.

My 2 ditto.

Gordon's Bachelor Pad at the Setai
House Tour

11/11/10 09:52 PM

You drive that damn scooter like a courier. Spook-key!

Day 17: Buy Flowers
The 20/20 Home Cure

11/10/10 05:53 AM

Mexican sunflowers are going off in my plot in the neighborhood community garden, which happens to be across the street. I can look out my bedroom window in the morning and see yellow blossoms w/dark centers standing tall above the mock orange hedge :). Lucky we live Hawaii!

Day 17: Buy Flowers
The 20/20 Home Cure

11/10/10 05:52 AM

Immediately wonderful!

Spotlight on Lydia Bassis | Apartment Therapy New York
7/16/10 06:54 AM

I've a small space also, my color scheme being green and grey. I have to say, I could NOT bring myself to be bold, as you did. Brava! to you :).

FYI, I have a cement shower stall. I used 511 Impregnator as the sealer because it seals but breathes. Highly recommended and their support gang is great if you DYI.

Kitchen in my fav. Thanks for letting us look :)

Julie's Cozy Vibrant Revisited House Tour | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
6/26/10 02:31 AM

Bathroom my fav. Like behind door shelving .. Would like to see it in more detail. Dawg has got a personality.

Steven Meredith's Modern Mix House Tour | Apartment Therapy Chicago
6/15/10 01:54 AM

There's no reason ton's of us couldn't live in comfort (and harmony with out of doors). Should remind us that we dont need all the trappings.

A house that wraps itself around you :)

Tereasa's Modest Cottage House Tour | Apartment Therapy Chicago
6/8/10 02:50 AM

Itz cool! :)

Lust after old cabinets / drawers!

Good work around to floor tile.

I'd stay there on a holiday :)

Tina's Port Douglas Cottage House Tour | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
5/24/10 08:50 PM

I liked the ragged edged throw pillows on bed, and the great view of the city out lots of glass :). I still want to know how people attach shelves to the wall in ways that look like they are floating with no support brackets?

Sandy Joe's Bewitching Home House Tour | Apartment Therapy New York
5/15/10 06:27 AM

I'm impressed with the DIY layout that defies convention. Build and furnish the way YOU wanna do it, the way it gives you comfort and independence. We're all so damn afraid to offend someone else that we never move "out of the box."

I think it more than speaks for AT! I'm w/you jef613.

Heather's Funky Bohemian Loft House Tour | Apartment Therapy Chicago
5/4/10 02:57 PM

I'm with a lot of others who think this one of the best-est :). I like the hat rack and bench at entry, and the old door from/to the sun room. On-the-cheap is a source of pride these days, and really is a mark of peoples' thinking ability and ingenuity, as opposed to willy-nilly running off to the mart with credit card in hand.


Hannah Mike's Secondhand Success House Tour | Apartment Therapy Chicago
5/3/10 10:19 PM

"Totally bad-ass!" says it better than I. Major fav! Love the windows/view, the tall, slender bookcase that makes use of space, and the spare-smallness of it all.

I'd live there, if it weren't so damn cold! :)

Ivonne's Gutsy Renovation House Tour | Apartment Therapy New York
4/20/10 02:53 PM

I wanna know how shelves are attached to the wall (pre-fabricated brackets? homemade?)

Kim Scott's Happy "Yellow Brick Home" House Tour | Apartment Therapy Chicago
4/9/10 08:51 PM

LOVE the DIY aspect. We should all get on that bandwagon of trading/selling unwanteds and building/making our own when can. Comment on garbage disposal: got rid of mine for composing--dig a hole and toss in frozen scraps (frozen fruits and vege leavings break down quicker after freezing). Win:win for the sewage system and your garden.

The Brick House House Tour | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
2/25/10 01:29 PM

Vipassana sounding kitchy. You're still "selling things" when there are other lessons to be learned. More 1x/week practice might be helpful.

Apartment Therapy on... Vipassana, Corelle Design | Apartment Therapy New York
1/11/10 07:55 PM

I can't feel anything negative about any space, because it is as one chooses, and what I joy and luxury choosing is :).

I'd like to know how the photos (I think) were mounted on the mural wall. Like another poster, I thought they were hanging by some kind of monofilament, which actually turned out to be the wall paint runs.

I can't imagine how warehouse this would look without all the work and attention to detail. Bravo/a!

House Tour: Justin and Joshua's Whimtage Loft Los Angeles | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
12/25/09 08:55 AM

I sincerely enjoyed this tour because of what was done within space limitations. Many of us are going small, knowing it frees us from large home trappings and living better in a lousy economy. I think we need more DIY projects highlighted because many of us want to trade ideas on how we've done things on the dime, yet with some sense of style and utility.

Brava! My fav are the acrylic shelves.

I have an induction "hot plate" in my place. It cost $99, not $275. It is the way to cook and with other stand-alone appliances; lighter on the grid.

Kittie's Tiny Tudor City Triumph House Tour | Apartment Therapy New York
12/17/09 04:54 AM