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I greatly miss living alone. They say the grass is always greener but really it depends on the person. Other than occasionally living with boyfriends, I spent the majority of my 20's all by myself and it was heaven. Now in my 30's and in a more expensive city I'm living with roommates for the first time. There are benefits to it, like cost, but if I could even remotely afford being alone again, I would. Guess that's why I put myself back in school.

It's important to have friends and get out and do activities when alone. If your already an introvert like myself, you have to keep your mind active. I check in with my Mom at least weekly (she also lives alone) and that helps to ensure we both know the other is okay. I kept a spare key at work and at the bar down the street that my friend managed. I had packages sent to work. I kept medicine in stock and preferred being alone when sick (I take a lot of baths when sick, hard to do with a shared bathroom). I didn't eat the best but I surprisingly weighed a lot less then too. I decorated exactly how I wanted. I spent a lot of time with my cat (he's basically my bestie) and no one was there to judge. I only had my messes and I'm kind of a neat freak. So many advantages, you just have to be a little more prepared.

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7/17/14 12:16 AM

I made a great piece of art for above the couch by buying an inexpensive decal from Etsy (I did the skyline of my city) then tracing it onto canvas I bought at the college art supply. Just prime and paint however you like, my decal was simple so it was basically coloring in two shapes.

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6/4/14 06:32 PM

Hummus! Much like pesto, just ridiculously easy to make and so much better homemade.

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5/28/14 12:57 AM

I design homes in my head. It's something I've done this for several years and it always works. I'll think of places I've lived, live now, or where I've been (like friend's homes) and I completely re-decorate or re-arrange them in my mind using furniture I love and remember or catalogue or design ideas from different sources. I re-do it in a "money's no object" sort of way. Works almost every time because it helps re-focus my brain on something.

It definitely helps not to use any electronics at least 30 minutes before bed though. I also really like the to-do list idea too, I often lay awake trying to commit to memory the things that randomly pop up regarding things to do for the next day. That will definitely help!

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4/23/14 01:47 PM

The largest apartment I was ever in all by myself was 650 sqft and it felt enormous. I loved it though, maybe slightly too big for me, but not by much. I recognize that 400 sqft is rather small but for a well designed, well thought out and organized space, I think it would be perfect. AT has been a great resource for showing me that "small" can be a relative term when done well, because often they will showcase a small space design and it will have comments below saying; "this reads much larger".

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4/11/14 01:48 AM

Lovely and yes, so well organized! I agree with PeePop, it gives me that longing to live alone again and completely decorate according to just my own style. You've executed 400 sqft perfectly.

Jackie's Colorful Upper East Side Home House Tour
4/2/14 02:43 PM

Even though this post is an April Fool's joke this place is still beautiful! If I ever visit Honolulu I am visiting this place!

Jim & Doris' Global Island Oasis House Tour
4/1/14 05:09 PM

Well that puppy is adorable but seriously someone actually wants $165 for that dresser?!

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4/1/14 04:53 PM

This offends my delicate sensibilities.

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4/1/14 04:42 PM

Wow, these things would really upset me! They are just downright rude and disrespectful, especially going into your room and through your things! I think I would never invite them to stay again.

Some of the stories here make me wary of having guests honestly, I try to always remember when I'm staying with someone that it is their home and they are doing me the favor.

I like the list though, it makes some great points.

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3/31/14 07:06 PM

I instantly remembered your L.A. tour after seeing the metal floral sculpture hanging on the wall behind your couch. I love that desk nook space with the blackboard, it comes in second best to your kitty. You have great humor (it reminds me a lot of Adam Ellis - - for some reason) and great style, thank you for sharing your new Portland space and welcome to the PacNW!

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3/31/14 06:45 PM

That really was a great comment. You can also purchase it at ModCloth:

(No I don't work for them, I just spend all my money there).

Mike's Cabinet of Curiosities House Tour
3/31/14 06:39 PM

That DIY shell chandelier is fantastic!

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3/31/14 06:29 PM

Fancy Tiger! What a wonderful surprise to see them featured on AT. So many of my friends back home sing it's praises.

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3/27/14 10:19 PM

VERY thankful for this post! I typically use a mix of vinegar, Dr. Bronner's castille soap and water to clean, adding it to baking soda when I need a scrub and it works quite well. I am eager to try some of these suggestions though.

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3/26/14 04:57 PM

So well done! It does remind me of a boat! The craftmanship of your built-ins are amazing, I too am not getting work done just scrolling through looking at all the handiwork. Really, great job.

The bedroom color and quilt I'm really digging too, along with the ceiling tiles, ceiling medallions, lighting, beautiful wood, etc., etc., etc.

James' Beautifully Handcrafted Apartment in Clinton Hill House Tour
3/25/14 01:09 PM

My cat used to mark in spot besides his litter box and on top of all the other steps I put into action (switching to Cat Attract litter, for example), completely cleaning the area with Bac-Out before going over it with a rug doctor fixed the issue entirely. I love that stuff!

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3/25/14 12:17 PM

I remember your house tour and was eagerly awaiting the yurt tour. Heaven indeed!

Erin and Nathan's Boho Backyard Dream Office in a Yurt House Tour
3/24/14 05:13 PM

Also, just randomly curious, if you don't mind sharing, why "October 18th"?

Adam's Eclectic Vintage Bungalow House Tour
3/24/14 04:47 PM

The art in your place in fantastic! I love the feeling and all the fun vintage items. Did you paint the piece in the dining nook; the houses with the two palm trees? It's very L.A. - I like it a lot!

Adam's Eclectic Vintage Bungalow House Tour
3/24/14 04:45 PM