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Here's what I'd suggest...The fireplace is beautiful as is your style throughout the rest of the pics. What doesn't work with the fireplace is that you have this little "triangle" piece in white above the mantel against the dark red. This chops the space visually, which is jarring. You need to paint the main/center wall the same color as the triangle piece (I can't tell if if its marble or what material) but match it as closely as possible - and no faux painting if it is marble! The sides that are recessed should be built-in bookcases...I'd recommend a medium toned wood and perhaps painting or wallpapering the back of them if you want to add color/texture. The base of the book shelves (if you have the depth) should be closed storage to hide TV components or wood storage if your fp is wood burning. Let your eye for color shine on styling the shelves with books and objects.

And if you need a phase two part of this project, I'd highly recommend smoothing out all the unnecessary "steps" on the ceiling; looks like a church interior from the 80's. This shouldn't be too involved...just some dusty drywall work but well worth it. I'd also drywall over the vertical piece, above the soffit, over the fireplace to make that wall even as well (it's too heavy visually). It looks like it may be part of the chimney but probably not since it's not centered on the fireplace (or is it a funky camera angle?). The vertical "chimney" ruins the beautiful symmetry that you have with the fireplace and all these ceiling "details" draw your eye up for unwanted reasons. The beauty lies below in what you've already done, keep at it. Happy decorating!

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1/25/12 01:30 PM

Contact a designer who can purchase it through one of the design centers for you. If you don't know of one contact me; I'm a designer and would be happy to help.

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10/1/09 12:40 PM

Hey's really important to educate yourself before buying products for your home. I'm a designer and part of my job is to educate you. Here's a link as to why your rugs smell...
(scroll down to the link "our rug smells")

Yes PB is cheap but is it worth it to have chemical smells in your home? Think about it next time you buy from mass produced stores; know what you are buying. Yes the initial investment may be more but it will last longer and won't make you sick or smell. This is why I as a designer advocate green design. We don't just make your house pretty; we make sure it's safe.

And I agree, as a population we need to regulate these things so we aren't getting exposed to harmful agents without our knowledge.

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4/3/09 03:40 PM