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I also wanted to mention that, to my knowledge, Room and Board is one of the few sources for an inner-spring trundle bed mattress.

I made the grave error of ordering a standard twin mattress for the trundle that rolls under my son's Argington Trundle Bed several months ago. I was so aggravated to learn after I'd made the purchase that trundles generally require a thinner mattress -- and that most of them are made of foam. (But this was my own fault for not reading the product description carefully.) Because I planned for my daughter to sleep on this mattress every night (she likes to sleep next to her brother. Cute, huh?) I wanted it to be as high quality a mattress as possible. It wasn't just a sleepover thing.

Room and Board came to the rescue with a fine innerspring mattress of the proper dimensions. I can't say that it offers a luxurious night of sleep, but it's fine for a lightweight 7-year-old and it's pretty darned good. I think a thin mattress topper would make it even more cozy and still allow for adequate clearance.

BTW, my experience with acquiring this bed wasn't so great. I ordered both the bed and trundle from one of those groovy online shops (don't remember which). The bed arrived several weeks later, and it took about six more weeks until the trundle arrived. Wish I had known about this so I could have had the bed held until the trundle was available. Then, when the trundle did arrive, the nice sturdy industrial-looking casters raised the trundle too high to slide under the bed even without a mattress. Argington later provided smaller (cheezy) replacement casters. I thought it was pretty lame that Argington hadn't thought this through.

Oh well, all's well that ends, and I'm happy with the bed, trundle and mattress. Just hate the site of those black plastic casters. They look like they were pulled off of an office chair from Staples. And, of course, the bed was no bargain.

Kim K.

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2/22/08 05:35 AM

Really lovely. Just the exterior shot makes me long for my days in San Francisco. Of course, I was single and childless...

Anyway, I am intrigued by the glass/plexi (?) table. I love the structure of the base and think it looks wonderful combined with the more "earthy" rug below.

Would you divulge a source for the table. Don't tell me that you made that too!


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