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Seriously, this season is the worst - that's all I can say.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Design Star, Episode 6
8/24/09 07:32 PM

Too many chairs..should get rid of them instead of hanging them on the wall in (almost) every room.
Other than that, your place looks very relaxing & neat!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Small Cool 2009: Bernard's Light & Bright HomeInternational Division #12
4/29/09 03:28 PM

I have the same one in orange... actually bought it for "someone" to hang it on the office door, since so many people just dropped in without making appointments.

Didn't really work well as door stopper or people stopper.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Hot or Not? At Home Do Not Disturb Sign
1/30/09 03:11 AM

I have used (& liked) CleanWell antibacterial liquid soap and Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Laundry Detergent. They work really well and smell nice.

There is a skin and bodycare line called Pangea Organics, which has eco-friendly packaging (luv them!) for bar soaps.

I buy organic bar soaps from my friend as well, but the eco-friendly packaging is definitely something I would recommend my friend to look into.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Eco-Friendly Hand Soaps Under $5
1/30/09 02:27 AM

FYI, I read this post and contacted Ira at Elite Home Builders.
Took me 2 emails and 4 days to get a response, and
turns out they don't do small remodeling - only gut rehab.

My condo requires license and insurance for any electrical and plumbing work and I am trying to remodel by keeping existing cabinet and just upgrading some stuff(sink,toilet,fixtures, etc), but seems like general contractors don't do small jobs.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: Which Professional Do We Need?
6/14/08 01:15 AM

I just saw this loft on HGTV's "My House Is Worth What?"
Seems like Arthur will do the bath renovation and sell the place!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI House Tour: Arthur's Long Distance Home
4/16/08 03:18 AM

OMG, I can't believe I had the same KNABY tray table from IKEA in beech finish, which I sold in my moving sale last year! Now, why didn't I think of painting it? Sigh...

That is a perfect, cozy guest bedroom - could actually make it a fantastic B&B room - any thoughts?

I loved the Oak Park house tour and again, love how she is continuously transforming her home to make it better and refreshing! Such an inspiration!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Small Space Before and After: Nicole's New Guest Room
4/4/08 04:34 AM

These have been around for more than 5 years - I tried to get them in the US, but very hard to find and very, very expensive - just gave up and bought the T-fal version of it (" Ingenio" the non-stick coated version).

I have been using them for years and love it!! The T-fal version also has clip-on handles and stacks neatly in my pantry. I believe they are discontinued in the US.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Video: Cristel Removable Pot and Pan HandlesInternational Home and Housewares Show 2008
4/4/08 04:18 AM

I agree that the urinal seems to be too high. I would definitely suggest a floor-to-ceiling divider (plexi-glass type of airy material) for hygene and privacy.

I am more concerned about the wood flooring in the bathroom, though... how do you keep it clean, other than using bath mats?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: Urinal at Home?
4/3/08 11:15 AM

My husband has minor back problems and wakes up easily
to my movements so decided to focus on the firmness and
movement disturbance when we purchased ours last year.

We did not like Tempurpedic because of the sinking feeling
which makes it hard to move around the bed and less firm, plus the heat factor - bad for people who tend to sweat a lot.

We ended up getting a hybrid - visco memory foam and natural latex (Telluride is the best latex grade) on top,
with pocket coils under for support. We absolutely love it!

It's Simmons Beautyrest Black (luxury line) - Orchid.
It's got the silk, wool and alpaca layer on top which is
very soft, warm in winter and cool in the summer,
true foams right to the edge so it won't sag when you
sit at the edge of your bed (which we do all the time..).
With extra layers of memory foam and natural latex,
advanced pocket coils at the bottom, you don't need
box spring and don't have to flip it at all.

They say if you are on the heavier side this mattress
may sag over time, but otherwise it seems like the best
choice for couples.

I know there are many Tempur-Pedic-fans out there, but
also other options like this hybrid for consideration.
(Sorry, it's not a review about Tempur-Pedic...)

You can find more info at the following:

Make sure to try them out thoroughly - a big investment
which will last at least 5-10 years. Good luck!!!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Firsthand Accounts of Tempur-pedic Mattresses?
3/18/08 08:20 AM

I bought my blue Reisenthel shopping basket at TJMaxx over a year ago. You should try local TJMaxx or Homegoods, too - much cheaper there!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | We'll Be There: International Home and Housewares 2008
3/8/08 01:22 AM

Just to let you know and to follow up on my comment,
I called them up and they will send me a free trial issue!
I just have to cancel it if I don't like the trial issue,
but I think it will come in handy, being new in town.

Thanks again for the posting, Heather!

Blogging Chicago Magazine: Chicago's Outdoor Spaces
6/12/07 10:22 AM

I had a close friend who subscribed to it as soon as they purchased their first home(condo) and it seemed like a good source of information for the first year or so. They did not use it the next year and unsubscribed thereafter.

I doubt it will be useful for renters in comparison to condo or single-family house owners, since the variety of needs and degree of upkeeping their houses tend to differ.

Angie's List
6/11/07 01:50 PM

RR, the upholstered headboard is supposed to come in
woven wool (red or cocoa) or removable cotton canvas
slipcovers (orange or grey), according to January 2007 catalog. So, you could have gotten the canvas one or maybe asked DWR if the slipcovers were for sale separately.

I just visited my local DWR showroom (Cleveland),
after noticing the Alu "Upholstered" Bed in their catalog (yay!).
Guess what? The showroom manager says it's called the MIN Bed (Alu was the former name, I guess) and he has never heard of any headboard coming with the Alu Bed...He searched the DWR website and old catalogs but could NOT find anything! He thinks such thing does not exist...!

Do you think they discontinued it after a couple of months?
Or is it just out of stock and not showing inventory???
I, too, am so curious about this bed...

Alu Bed
6/10/07 11:03 AM

If I had to choose between the two, I would prefer
the Atlantico over Leggero, since it seems more solid.

However, both beds have sharp wood edges sticking out
on all four corners, and I would not choose such types
after seeing my husband having knee bruises from time
to time (unless your bedroom is very spacious...)

I would also suggest to check on the wooden slats,
especially withe the platform beds, since some of them
can crack with excessive pressure and need to be
reinforced or replaced.

I have a 5-year-old Club8 platform bed which sqeaks all the time and the screw holding the bed frame and headboard
comes off every now and then. I hope to replace it with
something more solid and that would last longer...maybe the Alu Bed w/ upholstered Headboard (DWR) or any bed with steel slats (Room and Board) would be my next choice.

Good Questions: Which Bed Should My Fiance & I Get?
6/10/07 08:53 AM

Thanks heather and katie...I am calling them up!

Blogging Chicago Magazine: Chicago's Outdoor Spaces
6/6/07 11:29 AM

Is the hard copy only available in Chicago?
I would love get a copy before I relocate in July...

Blogging Chicago Magazine: Chicago's Outdoor Spaces
6/5/07 11:07 PM

Thanks mabaker for the tip on mixing up the pillows
so that white ones pop on dark sofa and blue ones
accent white sofa. Sadly, that IKEA sofa was very
comfortable and washable, but I have to get rid of it
since we are moving to a smaller rental for the time being.
I hope to get a white recliner or a comfy chair to replace
the white sofa and still balance out the dark ones.

LaDonnaNichole & BB - both confirmed that I am headed
in the right direction. As far as wood tones go, I actually
was thinking about walnut or teak...maple or white would
also be good candidates to brighten up small space and
withstand time and trend. Thank you so much!!!

I am just wondering whether it's hard to refinish or
change the light cherry veneer on the coffee table/bar?
It's an italian-made solid piece and I hate to let it go...

With no background in art or whatsoever, AT is such a
great resource to learn and visualize. Thanks for all the
insights and keep it going!

Thank you Heather for posting my questions!

Sophie (sysuh).

Good Questions: Wood Types for This Living Room?
6/5/07 10:50 PM

Try Target - search for benches and there are many options there.

An affordable candidate with similar looks to the Smith & Hawken version would be the 30" Slat Bench - Teak is for $39.99.(14" also available.)

Good Question: Balcony Bench?
5/31/07 08:07 AM