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FYI, according to Jamie's original episode, he stuffed the cavity with lemon zest & sage, & you need to bring the ingredients in the roasting dish to a boil, and then cover the dish with wet wax paper before you put it in the oven. The wet paper makes the chicken golden on the outside but prevents it from drying out. i'm going to try it with lid on for 1 hr also for a moister bird.

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10/16/09 04:13 AM

wow, i nerve has been struck!
here's my 2 cents: TV may have been considered a class issue in the past, but are home theatres and TV's in your fridge or kitchen more classy than the "enormous" TV's of the lower class? I think the intellectual old guard who eschew TV are on the wane. Today, it's not whether you own a TV or not or the size, but how much you watch, what you watch & when.

oh, and i like the idea, why not frame your TV with a beautiful mantle?

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4/3/09 01:07 PM