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I painted the lack shelves that I have in my store and I used a good quality primer, and a HIGH quality paint. I used a Ralph Lauren Metallic. I would also use a nice roller and use full strokes....Should come out smooth.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: Can You Paint Ikea Lack Shelves?
6/10/08 01:58 PM

First of all, I love Brown & Turquoise. Second, Stealthy asked where the armchairs come from...I carry them in my store and they are great! They are called taylor club chairs and you can view them on sitcomfurniture.com They have great deigns. Good luck on the contest! JC

Apartment Therapy - #31 - Peque & Papuchi Move Beyond Beige
10/25/07 09:46 AM

Eeeew, fiesta ware. This looks like a tacky circus. Sorry.

Apartment Therapy - #2 - Aja's Anti-Depressive Kitchen
10/2/07 09:01 AM

I love items from The Sarut Group...This lil guy is in my office for sure!

Apartment Therapy - KILA Lamp from IKEA
9/19/07 10:16 AM

I have a replica of the Eames Chair made by a great company called Zuo modern, and it cost me about $375.00 I can honestly say that it is one of the most comfy pieces I have ever had. I sit in it for a good 3 hours a day and love every minute. I also carry Zuo modern furnishings in my store and everyone has been surely satisfied! Good luck!

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Do You Prefer the Eames Group's or CB's Office Chair?
9/19/07 10:01 AM

I love the Hotel Valley Ho! My brother lives in scottsdale and it is beautiful! Shopping galore! I visit Valley Ho every couple of months for drinks in the lounge and we really enjoy it, I surely recomend it! JC

Apartment Therapy - Flickr Finds: Mod Scottsdale from Kathryn
8/28/07 01:32 PM

HI! I live in southern New Mexico, and when we have red chile in the fall (like you do in the photo)....We spread it out on a flat surface and sun dry it. When its dried out you can then crush it and use it like you would salt and pepper, great on pizza,in lasagna, and cheese fries. If you take it a step further, you dry it, then boil it, then blend it, then use a colinder to get all the skin and seeds out...After that you can use the blended seedless red sauce for enchiladas and taco sauce! Delicioso! JC

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7/19/07 10:20 AM