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Maybe it's because much of the Northeast is without power because of the ice storm?

Apartment Therapy New York | Survey: You Leaving Town Early?
12/12/08 05:19 PM

I agree with stickyricemama. I am disturbed by the majority of these comments. I know commenters on this site can be nasty and negative most of the time, but it seems to be getting worse and worse.

I love this post and the photos are beautiful and inspiring. I wish I hadn't read the comments. Have you considered getting rid of comments? I know it was mentioned a long time ago.

Apartment Therapy New York | Kid-Centric Townhouse in the East Village The New York Times 7.10.08
9/8/08 05:17 PM

It's perfectly beautiful. I love it.

Apartment Therapy New York | New Family Home #8: Honey, We Have a Sofa!
8/12/08 06:38 PM


Apartment Therapy New York | Small Cool Extra: Taylor's Colorful College Nest
4/29/08 05:38 PM

I seriously need help sorting.

Apartment Therapy New York | Thursday Giveaway: "Sorted!" by Lissanne Oliver
4/26/08 09:35 AM

Too bad there are so many rude snobs on this site. I think the apartment is funky in a good way! The art and door are gorgeous!

Apartment Therapy New York | NY House Tour: Sara and Tom's Art Studio Living Room
4/21/08 02:34 PM

I love it!
Those don't look really like Ikea Billy bookcases, but are they?

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: Cate Dave's Cozy Home
3/14/08 05:20 PM

Could someone tell me what the name is for the kind of shelves in the top picture? I would love to have shelves like that built for my apartment, but I am at a loss for how to describe it in words, and I do not have a printer. I could get out my sketch pad, I guess. Thanks!

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: Home in the Heart of Provence NYT 2.27.08
2/27/08 09:56 AM

My Mother-in-law gave me some spray solution that is supposed to get rid of wrinkles, because I suppose she thinks my husbands shirts are too wrinkled. The spray doesn't work. Maybe that chic iron would...

Apartment Therapy New York | AT Email: Rowenta Pressure Iron Steamer Giveaway - 1.31.08
1/31/08 09:16 AM

I'd be willing to try it out.

Apartment Therapy New York | Holiday Gift Bag: Ergorapido Cordless Vacuum in gold!
12/3/07 02:38 PM

Wow - These are gorgeous! I love the installation.

Apartment Therapy - The Gallery Cynthia Rojas
10/25/07 04:47 PM

This may be a work in progress, but it is absolutely one of my favorites as it is. It is beautiful! I love it!

Apartment Therapy - #15 - Jigglyphurbs' Instinctive Colors
10/23/07 04:42 PM

The apartment is not my cup of tea, but it is clearly a thoughtfully and artfully arranged space. It definitely has a distinct personality to it.

People should be less snotty in their comments. It's a shame. But don't let it get you down. They're the ones who have to live with themselves and their vitriol.

Apartment Therapy - #29 - Vinnike99's Recreated Experience
10/22/07 09:55 AM

I am glad you are looking out for us, AT.

I, too, would like to know what store harassed this woman, so that I could make sure never to support that store's business.

AT on: Stores That Don't Like Comments
7/26/07 04:26 PM

Did you end up painting it and how did it turn out?
I am thinking about getting one, but have mixed feelings about it.

Good Questions: Should I Spray or Should I Go?
7/19/07 01:37 PM