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I prefer the neutral rug and would love to know where it is from... my biggest challenge with sisal is staining... is there a great cool sisal with stain resistance? I love the table setting and the casual linen cloth display with flowers... sweet.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Before and After: Elsie's New (Affordable) Rug
5/1/09 06:03 PM

matilde... hey it's kimmers... yes there are a load of condo's and buildings that have emerged throughout brooklyn... you have a GREAT eye... That is also why it's so cool to see how we try to evolve and change these spaces.... in an otherwise "cookie cutter" developers group!!! cheers kateheffernan... wonder where you are, let's have a beer... ! kimmers 'old new'

Apartment Therapy New York | Small Cool 2009: kateheffernan's Giant Windows Blue Burlap Small Division #09
4/13/09 10:46 PM

you win!!! why bother with march madness... final 4...
where else do you live... hmmmm

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Small Cool 2009: Jay's Tumbleweed House Teeny-tiny Division #13
4/13/09 10:36 PM

12 fairwood: the bedding is all from EILEEN FISHER.

rkm: the hanging lights I made myself, just some cool wrought iron baskets and edison bulbs all jumbled together... happy you liked them!

thanks, kimmers

Apartment Therapy New York | Small Cool 2009: Kimmer's Old New Small Division #06
4/11/09 09:36 PM

hi.... it's kimmers from 'old and new'

thanks for all the amazing feedback!!! makes it worth all the effort!!!

(rick roberts) the tall slim bookshelf is actually an old storage container for metal work so it has a cool patina but it's an easy copy... just have a friend/carpenter make it... 1/2" plywood made into a box that's 5'X8" and put 2 little shelves evenly spaced. I like this type of box floating so there are 3 2X4 pieces of wood attached to the back... just hang on the wall and fill it up!

(zaky oliviah) the sofa is a Room Board from 3 years ago but I removed the back cushions and added some pillows to mix it up.

I agree with all the non color comments... I really have a hard time with color. When add it my eye goes straight to it all day everyday and I have to move it... I will work on it!!! for now I just wear it!!!

cheers, kim

Apartment Therapy New York | Small Cool 2009: Kimmer's Old New Small Division #06
4/8/09 08:30 PM