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Thanks for all of your great feedback on our apartment. Please keep voting for me in the next round!

First, we have to give huge credit to our friend and brilliant photographer, Katya Horner.

Here's an attempt at answering some of your questions.

- The rug in the living room is from Crate & Barrell, but it is not in production anymore.

- The round "rugs" in the bedroom and office are actually tapestries. As pointed out in other comments, they are 1950's Pop-Art tapestries by Luis Montiel (b.1934, Venzuela).

- The large painting in the living room is by Seth Alverson.

- It is a Pachinko Machine next to the bed. This model is from the early 1960's and has a built-in spring-loaded ashtray!

- The wall installation above the desk in the office is origami butterflies. We made them.

- The coffee table is also a vintage piece. The base is chrome and the top is white Carrara.

- The matching side tables and desk are from the Channing collection by Jonathan Adler.

- The white sofa is the Petrie from Crate & Barrell. The brown sofa is the Stefan by Mitchell Gold Bob Williams. It is out of production, but can still be ordered from MG BW.

- The apartment building is located in Houston's Museum District. There are fifteen museums within walking distance. Our view is North towards Downtown Houston.

Be sure to remind your friends to VOTE!!

Thanks for all of the great feedback.



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4/28/10 12:34 AM

Thanks to everyone for the really great comments! I need everyone's vote for the next round!!

I will try to answer a few of the questions...the butterflies are origami and were handmade for me. They are attached to the masonry walls with sticky tack.

The shelving unit in the kitchen is from IKEA. I added doors, drawers and my own knobs to dress it up.

The paint is ICI Dulux.

I was lucky enough that the bedroom ceiling fan was black with reversible black blades, so it ends up looking like the fans that were original to the building.

Blandwagon: you hit the nail on the head; the space needed to be clearly defined and the rectangles serve as the guides.

The coffee table is a vintage piece from my grandmother's store with chrome base and marble top.

The wall flats in the bedroom are not primed or painted and they are attached using the stick-on backs directly onto the wall.

Thanks again for your support!

Sincerely, Adam

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4/21/09 11:40 PM

I used these on my wall as an art piece over the bed in order to prevent them from getting dirty (close to the ground). So far, they have worked very well.

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4/21/09 12:41 PM