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Job well done! Simplistic in design and functional. A lot of emphasis on height, which is difficult to achieve. Love the shopping cart island, artwork, coffee tables, loft bedroom, furniture choices and bike "storage".
Personally not into Mr. T, but then not into Warhol's Marilyn either, so go for it!

Response to adamliaw: I have a feeling the shelves are not thin as appears, but if are, may sag under weight of heavy books. Placing the tall cacti next to shelves would give a sense of height. On the flip side, placement of "stuff" to symmetrical for me.
And, every home needs live plants, so make it architectural!

Tv area seems clustered but could have been just the pic.

Your mom gave you the best advice ever!

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4/24/09 08:56 AM

As an interior designer, I vote this the best! Great use of space, uncluttered, functional and eclectic mix of modern to rustic. Not fussy, but soft and hard edges.
I agree, don't settle for a rug until you find what you love and pulls everything together.
To those who think your bed protrudes into the room, drapery rings installed into the living room ceiling with gauze curtains will "hide" the bed. This application injects a tropical feel as air flow creates movement, but I think it looks great as is.
I would suggest placing a torchiere or suspend your bedroom pendant in the corner behind the sofa and place a crystal chandelier over the bed, and a red throw for the sofa!
Great job!

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4/22/09 08:35 AM