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The thing I've found about completely emptying the closet onto the bed, etc, is that I'm still overwhelmed with the mess.

I've found that multiple steps work better for me. Over a few days, I remove all of just one certain item, tees, for example, and sort/put back only what I'm keeping, then, say, jeans, and so on. I make note of hangers or organizers I need.

Once I've winnowed it all down, I can take a rainy day or Sunday afternoon and pull EVERYTHING out, clean the empty room, put my new organizers or hangers to use, and enjoy.

It kind of drags out the process, but I'm more likely to finish it!

Advice From a Pro Organizer:
Fall Closet Cleaning

9/14/12 09:05 AM

Does AT have some kind of agreement with Novogratz that they'll be featured once a week?

Small Space Solutions: Long Island City Multi-Purpose Living Room Home By Novogratz
9/11/12 10:31 AM

OK, fine. Now I feel obligated to close out of AT and get to my workshop. Thanks for the guilt trip! ;-)

Is Working at Home Right For You?
9/11/12 10:29 AM


The Most Unnecessary Egg Gadgets Ever Product Roundup
9/7/12 10:01 AM

I really don't like chalkboard paint, but I like the blue.

Light Blue Cabinets, Stainless & Chalkboard in the Kitchen Roommarks
9/6/12 10:15 AM

Interstates have enabled us to travel from coast to coast without ever seeing America.

Moving Cross Country: Which is the Best Driving Route for Your Move?
8/21/12 10:33 AM

We're always harder on ourselves than we should be. Friends don't judge, and those who judge aren't friends. Relax and open the wine.

No More Excuses: Confidence Boosting Tips for Hosting Gatherings at Home
8/20/12 06:26 PM

Two Novogratz projects in quick succession is more than I can take, AT!
And I don't mean that in a good way...

Two Kids' Rooms in a Brooklyn Brownstone Home By Novogratz
8/20/12 06:17 PM

Uh, yeah, sounds cozy. Doorbell rings? I'll just place my book and coffee cup on the floor...which I'll then kick over and ruin the book.

Less Is More: 15 Pieces of Furniture You May Not Really Need Miss Minimalist at Huffington Post
8/16/12 11:00 AM

For some reason, every time I see a Novogratz design (?) I think about how the Emperor has no clothes.

Gramercy Apartment Gets a Spruce Up Home By Novogratz
8/13/12 02:57 PM

I'd give anything to have just 10 minutes back with my mother...in her Hummel-filled house.

If you can keep your room the way you'd like, and do MORE than your fair share of cleaning, you'll be fine. And try to remember her generosity when she may need to stay with you later in life. Hopefully you'll put some shelves in her room for her knick-knacks.

How Do I Forge a Style Compromise with My Mom? Good Questions
8/8/12 04:51 PM

I think AT should do a whole dorm contest. REAL dorms!

Dorm Style: A Warm & Woodsy Room for Under $250
8/8/12 04:26 PM

I'm a DIY person and was surprised--no, SHOCKED-- at the cost of re-upholstering furniture, too. That is, until I took classes (many, many, classes) and started my own business.

First of all, it can take several hours just to take the original materials off, especially with a carved wood vintage frame. Every tack and staple has to come out (dug out is more accurate) carefully so as not to damage the frame. It can be like freaking surgery! Springs may need to be re-tied, frames repaired, foam, cotton padding, webbing, cording, matching, tufting, buttons, overhead...and in my case, a recent tetanus shot after getting jabbed with a rusty spring. I was more concerned about not bleeding on the new fabric! Heavy-duty tools and an industrial sewing machine are costly, too.

I'd be interested in hearing what some of you think an upholstery job is worth.

I am SO not getting rich on my jobs. But I have the utmost respect for you other DIYers who have had good results with your own projects! Staple away, my friends.

Case Studies of Real Life Upholstery Jobs: What Do People Really Pay?
7/20/12 03:52 PM

My childhood home was on a lake. Never bored for a minute.

A Cure for "I'm Bored"Shaydes of Life
7/7/12 04:03 PM

It looks cool, but incredibly uncomfortable.

A Narrow DIY Desk with Slim Storage IKEA Hackers
6/25/12 09:40 PM

I have a small house with a BIG screen porch with a vaulted ceiling and ceiling fan....thrifted wicker and big, fat, cushions covered in vintage fabrics....a table and chairs for dining...outdoor lamps and candles!

Too bad I live in WI and can't enjoy it year-long, but I take what I can get.

What Do You Love About Your Home in the Summer?
6/25/12 09:39 PM

So this wasn't an 11 day project, it was an 8 months and 11 days project.

Kitchen Before & After: Theresa's 11-Day Gut Overhaul Reader Kitchen Remodel
6/19/12 10:01 AM


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6/14/12 05:57 PM

What are/is "3 Olives Grape"?

Summer Sips: Bringing the Bar Home
6/14/12 05:51 PM

Remember when the "Trading Spaces" designers took down every ceiling fan in sight?
Some of them were really ugly, but I never got the hating on the fans.

Simple & Smart: 3 Ceiling Fan Tips
6/14/12 05:47 PM