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This is such a lovely idea! I have been looking for ways to spice up our nursery. You did a great job!!!!

Apartment Therapy - Rachel's Tree Mural
9/15/07 04:09 AM

You brought a newborn to a foreign country that is plagued by malaria?

Does anyone else here feel like calling social services?

Apartment Therapy - Adventures and Outings: Naomi in South Africa Namibia
9/7/07 10:07 AM

I was shocked to see Moishe's advertised here on your site. I used them once for a move from the East village to Brooklyn. They were horrible, un-pleasant, and un-professional. I would warn people against them.

Moishe's Moving Systems
8/11/07 05:20 AM

ugh! THis whole bedbug series is pretty scarey. Does anyone know a good place to buy a new mattress in NYC. I am now put off by 1800 mattress. I heard that they take the old mattress on the same truck with the new ones and that is how bedbugs can get passed around. Any thoughts?

Bedbugs Take Manhattan #8
8/8/07 06:13 AM

I would check out I use them for about every resource. Better yet, people leave ratings and are quite honest. That is good to know considering this city is filled to the brim with crooked contractors.

Good Questions: List of Carpenters for Built-In Bookshelves in NYC?
7/16/07 10:20 AM

I bought a pack of matchstick garden- flowers. They didn't grow. Instead, they molded. Maybe some other people are having better luck with this product.

Matchstick Garden Set
7/2/07 08:04 PM

Recently, whenever I need a contractor, painter, handyman, or plumber I use this great resource for the NYC area. It is I have used them for tons of other things as well. The best part is that people leave feedback about contractors, dentists, playgroups what have you. If a contractor is shadey, someone will post a negative review. Maybe apartmenttherapy should start this too?

Blogging New York Magazine: Revolting Development
5/30/07 09:34 AM