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I use a Calphalon roasting rack set inside of a metal cake pan. I am really tight on space and money, so just buying the rack as opposed to the rack and pan, saved some money and allows me to have the pan for dual-purpose.

The rack was only $18.99 at BBB and cheaper if you have a 20% off coupon. (If you don't have one, sign up at BBB and you'll get a 20% off coupon instantly just for signing up.)

Can You Recommend a Good Everyday Roasting Pan? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
2/4/10 11:19 AM

I have literally NO storage space but I still go to costco all the time!

Two words: Wine and Cheese

I can't afford it anywhere else but Costco.

Costco Opens in Manhattan: Will New Yorkers Buy in Bulk? | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
11/18/09 09:38 PM

I live in Korea and these are some great suggestions.

I second the measuring cups and spoons, but, make sure they are plastic for light packing.


Here are my recommendations after living here for a year:
-a good Italian seasoning
-all kinds of Mexican seasoning packets (i.e. taco, enchiladas, fajitas)
-all spice
-chicken seasoning
-garlic salt
-onion powder
-lawry's seasoning salt

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Good Question: Kitchen Gift for Friend Moving Abroad?
6/30/09 05:55 AM

Check out this article from ikea hacker. They hung an expedit shelf on the wall after discussing with an ikea designer/tech about the safest way to do it. The office is beautiful and the article explains it all.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Hanging an Expedit Shelf?
5/22/09 10:06 AM

One word...


Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Good Question: How to Repurpose Old Card Catalogs?
5/11/09 08:44 AM

I like this the look of these bins a lot. But, I do have one they rust if you spill liquid?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | 5 Styles for Recycling Stations
5/6/09 04:41 AM

Can anyone tell me where that awesome chair is from?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Curtain Space Dividers from Apartment Therapy and Beyond
5/5/09 06:37 AM

I resonate with all the comments about Asian cooking and the lack of ovens.

My husband and I are on month 8 in South Korea with no oven and no microwave.

It's possible and calls for a lot of creativity. I can't wait to have one again though, even though I don't bake much. Not having one makes it harder to prep meals early in the day to just stick in for 20 minutes when you come home from work.

Also, it was especially hard during the holidays. No Christmas cookies.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Could You Live Without an Oven?
4/26/09 09:41 AM

Put fresh flowers in the guest room before they arrive.

It brings warmth like nothing else can.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Amy's Great Ideas For Guests
4/21/09 11:36 PM

I'm moving to Durham and would love a loft like this.

Apartment Therapy DC | Small Cool 2009: Bull City Loft Little Division #47
4/18/09 10:50 AM

Your living room is a dream with the beautiful old architecture.

A couple of things I love...
Great use of the plants in the living room. In Portland, even when it's dreary, at least you have the green to cheer you up.

I like the shelving with the apple crates...great storage with character.

Also, I'm curious about the wine bottles in the fireplace. It looks amazing. Are those empty or are have you actually turned it into your little wine cellar?

You really made your open kitchen work. The open shelving looks clean and crisp and the tea kettle is the perfect accent piece.

Beautiful home...beautiful city. Good luck in the contest.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Small Cool 2009: Jenny's Portland Light Little Division #38
4/16/09 10:10 AM

I also envy your lamp. Where can I find my own?

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: Kimberly's Homespun Landmark New York
4/9/09 04:30 AM