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Your girls are too adorable.

Lauren's Cure: Media Fast Flip Flop LIVEBLOGGING THE JANUARY CURE 2014
1/20/14 05:22 PM

Hmmm. I think the NY Times finger food generator looks like a good idea that could lead to some horrible tasting combos...

Party Cheat Sheets: Entertaining Infographics for Holiday Event Planning
11/12/13 12:03 AM

I had similar issues with one of my first apartments. A simple way to cover a nasty floor (I did it for two kitchens as well) is to buy a roll of inexpensive b&w vinyl flooring at any home improvement store and cut it to size (which is the hardest part). I used a low-temp hot glue gun to stick down the edges. When it's time to remove it, you just peel the vinyl up - the hot glue is only strong enough to keep the flooring in place, but won't pull the underlying tile loose or do any damage. For any bits of glue still stuck to the tile, you can easily scrape it up with a paint scraper, or use a blow dryer on its hottest setting to melt and wipe away the final bits of residue (this is why the low-temp hot glue is important). Good luck!

Before & After: Butterscotch Bathroom Tile Gets an Inexpensive Update
2/7/13 09:02 AM

I can join the ranks of people naming a car as their biggest splurge. We were a one car household with only a very small, very basic (no airbags, no power anything, including steering) 12 year-old two door hatchback. We decided to bite the bullet and buy something more convenient and far safer. My husband still uses the little car for his daily commute (although the thought of him driving around without any airbags still makes me nervous).

What Was Your New Baby Splurge? Reader Survey
8/28/12 07:31 PM

I work from home, but often need to have more than one document open on screen at a time, and a little laptop screen just doesn't cut it, so I'm pretty well married to my desk. But I think that's also probably best for me, because even though I also use my computer for personal stuff, it still feels like a work space that's a bit separate from the rest of my life - despite being right in the middle of an open plan kitchen/lounge/dining.

Working from Home: Where Do You Actually Work?
8/28/12 07:15 PM

Love all of these rooms. Handmade touches are so sweet.

Crochet Chic: Granny Blankets in Kids Rooms
8/23/12 07:06 PM

Wow, kingtiny you read my mind. It's a bit distracting, isn't it?

Huge Dinner Table at Quail Hill Farm
Apartment Therapy Contributes

8/21/12 06:30 PM

Eww, I have a far bigger problem with putting all the chemicals of a diaper wipe directly into a baby's mouth than crumbs and fuzz and whatnot, but that's just me.

Of course it's easy to do all those other things (using jeans, shirt hem, etc), but no one needed a tip for that. And this tip uses something most people already have the house, and it doesn't take a lot of effort to make it happen, so I don't see why we need to be dismissive of it. Just ignore it if you don't want to try it.

Also, how does your older child feel about you washing off undesirable bits and pieces into his/her water supply? I'm all for low-stress parenting, but blowing off someone else's ideas takes it a bit too far for me.

Quick Tip: Keep Pacifiers Clean With Condiment Cups
8/21/12 06:28 PM

I have a Mac but cannot stand iPhoto. Just a tip for people wanting to avoid the way iPhoto 'thinks' it knows how to group your photos, you can always click on an individual photo within the iPhoto program, then click on 'file' and 'reveal in finder'. This will show you where your actual photo files are stored (otherwise, they're hidden).

Then you can copy, rename and arrange your files in folders and such to your own liking!

How To Manage Your Personal Photo Collection Like A Professional Photographer
8/21/12 06:17 PM

Peacock blue. Wouldn't match, but would set off the colours in the bedding brilliantly.

Wall Color To Complement Bedding? Good Questions
6/25/12 07:51 PM

I have a light Corian in my apartment. It's white with some black and grey speckles and it looks gorgeous. It was also relatively inexpensive (1/3 the price of Caesarstone), is more forgiving than stone surfaces when you drop glass or dishes on it (helpful for a klutz like me), doesn't have any visible seams (they literally fuse the pieces together and you can't even see where they meet), it doesn't stain and any chips can be easily and seamlessly repaired (although we have none yet after 4 years of hard use).

I know it's a bit out of favour, as everything these days is "stone, stone, stone" but we have been happy with our decision every single day.

Light Colored Countertops That Are
Tough Enough Renovation Inspiration Roundup

6/11/12 06:58 PM

LOVE the Maryland flag print!

Clytie & Claudia's Storied Pieces House Tour
6/4/12 09:38 PM

To AMANDASG - as a transplanted American living in Australia, I can tell you that those wall AC/heating units are definitely NOT better than the central AC units we have in the States. Typically, there's only one in the ENTIRE house. As you can imagine, it's hard to get that warmer/cooler air to flow into the adjoining rooms. Don't even get me started on rooms further away from the unit (in my apartment, it's the master bathroom, two doorways away from the heat/AC unit and freezing in winter, stifling in summer).

Never underestimate the power of ducted heating/AC until you've had to live without it!

From Scary to Sublime: A Gorgeous Gut Renovation in Australia
5/14/12 04:03 AM

Count me in with the people who think painting in an apartment is worth it.

I've also bought rolled-up sheet vinyl flooring to lay over the existing flooring in the kitchen and bathroom in two of my apartments. (The one had this nasty yellowed flooring that felt dirty no matter how much I scrubbed it; so very worth it to cover that up.)

I just cut it out around the cabinets, fridge, bath and what not - and secured the edges with a bit of hot glue, which was really easy to scrape off when I moved out. Definitely money and time well spent.

5 Things I Never Did to a Rental But Probably Should Have Renters Solutions
3/7/12 06:11 PM

I don't think that 'authenticity' in itself is a trend, but I do think that quite a few of the hallmarks of the style have become a bit tired and cliched.

Antlers (both cardboard and vintage) - check.
Birds and owls on everything - check.
Union jack pillows and furniture - check.

Unless you really do have a particular affinity for woodland creatures, or a special fondness for Britain, these things end up lacking 'authenticity' because the meaning is lost, not because of how/where they're made.

Maxwell in the NYT: People are Looking for Authenticity
The New York Times

10/27/11 06:23 PM


Lacee and Nathan's Treetop Deck
Small, Cool Outdoors Entry #6

8/11/11 01:50 AM

lulu77 - that linked post was hilarious. could not stop laughing.

Apartment Therapy DC | Ode to An Autumn Urn
10/27/09 09:25 AM

better THAN to own

Apartment Therapy New York | Photos of Home from 20 x 200
10/27/09 09:10 AM