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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO to the lame magazine tabloid relationship crap column. To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, either Evie and her inappropriate-for-this-site column goes or I do. AT hang your head in shame and lose this column please or lose a long term reader. I don't want your social programming garbage here, I just want inspiring spaces. Thanks.

Why Does My Partner Watch Porn?
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5/12/12 05:36 AM

The lounge gives me the HEEBIE JEEBIES!
This place is horrible. So gloomy, are all you Americans still depressed with the global financial crisis or something? What is wrong with you people? Get up from your computers now,get outside, get some sunshine, fresh air and smile at someone. How can you vote for this rat hole? Its so dark and sad? Thank goodness they opened the curtains to photograph it! GLOOMY GLOOMY GLOOMY GLOOMY GLOOMY GLOOMY GLOOMY

Michael's Mini Manhattan Home
4/10/11 09:06 PM

*back of hand to forehead and Swoon*

Coco's Cozy Hollywood Regency
4/7/11 02:52 AM

Thanks for sharing your sweet home with us over here at AT Hilda, its super cute and a breath of fresh air. Scandinavian style is boss.

Hilda's Sunny Swedish Highrise
House Tour

4/5/11 08:26 PM

Inspirational. Fantastic layout, and so clever. Great design. Worthy of a win as it is so well conceived, well executed and beautiful. Love the muted colour of the sofa with the white, so dreamy. WANT.

Jay's Small Scale Renovation
4/5/11 07:27 PM

Gotta say..gorgeous! Cohesive, stylish, glam and well thought out. Wins the Bee's Knees Award as far I am concerned. Great work.

Corina's Hollywood Glamour on a Budget
House Tour

4/4/11 07:34 AM

so horribly ugly, it took away some of my will to live, it was awful... but hey, getting back some perspective:- i am grateful that i dont have to visit that place in real life and i can try and forget the whole experience. *shudders* the blandness, the urbanity, the sofa smack in front of the teev like that hahahaha. anyway,
i blame AT are the editors on holiday? drugs?

Veronica's Light, Bright & Cheery Corner of the Sky
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4/2/11 04:12 AM

i LOVE LOVE LOVE the ""medici family" art and the "knobbly tree" art, OMG! i want them so badly! you have made me so jealous. They are fantastic. So wish they were in my house,damn it,Jocelyn you are a very lucky girl and you have a specky horse head and a bunny as well. I have none of these things. The injustice! *folds arms,shakes head*

Jocelyn's Evolving Style
House Call

3/27/11 07:16 AM