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i'm still a little confused about what day this is officially starting, but i'm hoping to participate this go around.

Apartment Therapy New York | The Fall Cure: Join Us Next Week!
10/9/08 10:04 AM

i love it! the colors are saturated and emotional.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Southwest #1: Benjamin and Elizabeth's "Citrus Harmony"
10/1/08 07:27 PM

well me no likey. not my thang so to speak. but of course, i'm quite confused about what IS my thang. perhaps i shall find some inspiration here or there.

Apartment Therapy New York | East #1: Kris' "Winter in Paris"
10/1/08 07:20 PM

this is my favorite of all the entries thus far.
can you tell me more about the kitchen/worktable?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Southwest #10: Kelly and Josh's Work in Progress
4/12/08 02:18 PM

have pity! i certainly need an Oreck too!

Apartment Therapy New York | Thursday Giveaway: Oreck XL Ultra Vacuum
3/6/08 03:16 PM

what about people with disabilities? this door doesn't seem to be welcoming to someone who uses a wheelchair at all.
i'd love to see a focus piece on the use of universal design which really does focus on full accessibility of hard and soft architecture from the design phase rather than the much less effective retro-fitting approach.

Apartment Therapy New York | Look!: The Coolest Door in the Neighborhood
3/4/08 01:58 PM

i am in love. desk love at it's truest. of course, this desk could only fulfill certain functions or needs, but i can see it working for me as i am currently focusing on downsizing and simplifying my surroundings. gimme a flat surface, a laptop, a legal pad and a pen & i'm good to go. if only love didn't cost so much!

Marc Newson's Riga Desk
6/6/07 07:05 PM

love this place. so many elements of the design are attractive to me on both a personal/emotional and aesthetic levels.
i'm with HJ......can anyone provide more specific info on the shade company as credited as the source for the panels throughout?

Inside Out: Alysia and David Get Sponsored by Dwell
6/3/07 10:23 PM

many of the suggestions are excellent ones. i particularly like the idea of the noguchi or oval shape in terms of style, but i am very much a functionalist (if there is such a thing). i wonder what function will the table serve?
i do agree that there needs to be a little bit of a mix up with the color palette that is currently in place. my mind is seeing a tinted lucite table (perhaps red or orange tint) in a round rather than rectangle shape. of course, i have no clue if one exists.

Good Questions: What's the Right Coffee Table for this Room?
5/29/07 10:07 PM