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I think the move has as much to do with the parents as the child. Parents need to mentally be excited for their child to be independent (I mean excited FOR the child) and then support them into independence. Isn't that the model for all parenting?

Oh, and letting them pick out the coolest bedspread or sheets will make them excited about it as well!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Blogging Dr. Greene: Teaching Children to Sleep in Their Own Bed
3/7/08 10:20 AM

I have a small roller blind for our office, which doubles as a guest room. We only pull the blind down when we have guests. It is really tiny and you don't see it from the hallway when it is up and barely notice it on the other side of the door. Just got it from blinds.com (a site I LOVE). Just make sure to order samples of the fabrics before you order the blinds...they carry a lot of different companies and the quality varies.

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Window Treatment for French Doors?
1/2/08 04:55 PM

I have two friends who've had horrible experiences with Moishe's so I have never used them. I did use Flat Rate for two in-city moves and was exceptionally pleased with the service. They were so quick and professional. I think not paying by the hour really helps in terms of moving -- they have no incentive to take a long time!

Moishe's Moving Systems
8/11/07 01:33 PM

Blinds.com has a great selection of neutral shades of all types. Their patterned options are not really my taste, but if you are looking for something very basic, I can highly recommend them. I've ordered very large and very small blinds from them with excellent results. Very quick, well measured and very affordable.

The Shade Store
5/29/07 06:38 PM