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Loving on that kitchen sink hidden in your one pic!!!

Meleah's Colorful Pre-War Apartment Small Cool Contest
5/28/14 04:02 PM

Really like how cheerful your place is! Your description is great! Good luck with the writing career!

Nana's Things That Make Her Smile Small Cool Contest
5/28/14 04:00 PM

Love your cats - and would love to claim an office area such as yours. Unfortunately, I must share my office with my husband and his gun cabinet - blah!

Katie's Colorful Live/Work Space in Brooklyn House Tour
5/21/14 08:07 AM

Wow - really like what you've done with a "builder's grade" apartment. Very cozy and nice.

Nick & Spiro's City Farmhouse House Tour
4/29/14 01:16 PM

Love the colors!

Emily & Andrew's Colorful New Orleans Home House Tour
4/28/14 02:28 PM

Lost for words - would be quite the adventure to stay - but one year!!! Holy H*** - I think I'd be stir crazy :)

Stephen Turner's Amazing Exbury Egg House Tour
4/18/14 03:15 PM

I really like this house and agree with one of the other posters....I would not have thought of some of the color combos but they really work together. I really like the bedroom desk and chair combos in all the rooms. Just a question - did you change out the railing that was in originally or was that it? Would love to "do over" an old house - but alas, my husband is a contractor and says he works on them enough to not want to live in one. Thanks so much for sharing!

Cynthia's Sunny Accents House Tour
4/17/14 01:35 PM

Don't know if I missed it - but do you have a source for the whale picture in the bathroom. Love it! Great tour....

Hope and Pete's Bohemian Modern Abode House Tour
4/8/14 11:53 AM

I'm dying here - "cat lady...etc = spinster chic". I generally just scim over the comment section - but had to read yours. Thanks for the laughs and the great tour! 3 months?! I'm calling you when I move!

Mike's Cabinet of Curiosities House Tour
4/1/14 02:39 PM

Oops - I mean bathroom and kitchen...

Pomona's Boutique-Style Space House Tour
3/28/14 01:08 PM

Love the owl tea cups! Bathroom and Bedroom?!?

Pomona's Boutique-Style Space House Tour
3/28/14 01:08 PM

I recently purchased a floor steamer for my vinyl, tile and hardwood floors. No chemicals required - and everything is squeaky clean. Last week I ordered a hand held steamer to do my bathroom - counters- stove - everything dirty! I'm planning on being a cleaning machine until the novelty of the handheld wears off :) On the plus side - I should save $$$ over the long run since I won't be buying chemical cleaners! Maybe I can use it to steam wrinkles out of sweaters. Who knew a girl could get so excited over cleaning!

Detox in a Day: Easy, Quick Tips for Every Room in Your Home
3/25/14 01:39 PM

I don't like any of these dogs. How about something with fur instead of hair - like a collie, golden retriever, setter or springer breed? I don't care at all for bulldogs or pugs - yuck :(

Pet Madness Day 1: The First 4 Battles! Apartment Therapy's Pet Madness: Cats vs Dogs
3/20/14 03:54 PM

My husband is a teacher at the local vo-tech. Before every inspection, he takes our cars into the mechanic & students and they "go-over" our car. Anything that needs done to pass inspection, they can do - and the next generation is getting great experience. The labor is free and they pass along their discount for parts with no mark up. The turn-around time is a lot slower - but it saves us alot of $$$. Check out your local trade schools - you can save money on haircuts, etc!

6 Tips for Saving Money on Everyday Expenses Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/19/14 02:08 PM

I try to follow the "touch it once" motto. When I'm done reading the paper - I immediately take it to the recycle bin. When I empty a milk jug or detergent bottle - immediately rinse and recycle. Immediately put away folded clothes. This seems to stop me from having temporary "stacks" of stuff all over the house.

10 Mindful Habits for a Lighter Life Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/17/14 02:09 PM

Super nice house! Really like the dressers flanking either side of the fireplace in the one photo. Not certain of the room they are in. Thanks for sharing.

Jane's Patterned Family Pad in London House Tour
3/13/14 12:26 PM

I like the kitchen tile. I'd like to see another angle of the cupboard outside the bathroom. Is it all one piece - does it stick out? I'm confused. Love the cats.

Katie & Toby's Artful Edgewater Apartment (8 Years Later...) House Tour
3/10/14 02:07 PM

Wow! Love the house and that mirror/window/headboard! Would love to see the kitchen....

Maggie's Cutest House in Georgetown House Tour
3/3/14 02:42 PM

I really love that shade of green in the kitchen - and the shower curtain - and the purple bedroom - and the arrow shelf - and ... and.... so much to see and I like it all!

Bree & Andy's DC Home Hits the Bright Spot House Tour
2/26/14 02:45 PM

Wow - I like everything about your home! Such a calm and relaxing looking place (and clean). Thanks for sharing!

Eva's Sense of Clarity House Tour
2/26/14 02:35 PM