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The finish in this space is authentic Venetian plaster, not faux painting. It is accomplished by applying multiple, thin layers of pigmented plaster with a trowel. When natural, lime-based venetian plaster is applied it will eventually return to it’s original state, which is lime and marble, aka stone. The result is a very durable surface with a beautiful depth of colour.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Inspiration: Joan's All-In-One
8/14/09 09:19 PM

As mentioned above, what you see when you look at those buildings is ages of patina and weather. Using a single colour will only look flat and dead regardless of how great the colour you use is. The look you're after can be simulated. Using 3 or 4 colours simultaneously is one way to get what you're after. Another technique is lime wash. Of the 2 techniques, lime wash is the closest to traditional materials used in Italy. The lime wash has been used there for centuries but needs to be applied in successive coats to build up depth. Many coats of slightly varying tints will look aged and weathered. The most common red colour is...Venetian Red or Iron Oxide Red. Adding other tints can adjust the base colour from pink to earth toned. It takes a fair amount of work but the final results can be amazing!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | The Exterior Paint Files: Rusty Terracotta Reds
4/1/09 12:38 AM