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We just got this bed and have the bed on the higher height for a decent size mattress (maybe 10 inches). You definitely won't want a boxspring - just the slats. I think you will be fine. Also, this bed is fantastic - everyone who sees it loves it!

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6/8/13 03:06 PM

Thanks all for these suggestions. This certainly gives me the motivation I needed.

I think I like the idea of getting a new comforter and using the carpet to start. If it doesn't work, I can always go back to the duvet. Also, I just have to show you all what the duvet was supposed to be: It says plum and shows photos of very purple looking items but now that we have it its more like grey/brown.

I also really love the grey or navy paint ideas and will certainly try to get going on that soon (before baby arrives!)

We definitely will get rid of the clutter. We just moved last week so all those papers/boxes etc will be hidden soon!

Thank you all so much!

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5/29/13 10:57 PM