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I always try to pay attention to the undertones of the colors and have found that to be very helpful when making color choices. ..and I do think you can successfully mix warm and cool colors and don't have to pay attention to the rules. The "rules" are silly - you need to love your space regardless of the rules. If you can't figure out how to make two colors you love work together, try finding a fabric in a pillow, tablecloth, art work, throw - something that has a little of both or all of your colors in it and use it in either or both of the spaces. It really helps bring colors together and unifies space. Lastly, if you think a color is too dark for a space, try changing the sheen of the paint - it helps to bounce light off the surface of the paint instead of being absorbed by it. I am a big semigloss - ok - gloss, really, fan. Whew! So much comentary on this subject......

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7/14/10 06:13 PM

Thanks for the comments! I love the orange too - can you tell? MidoriMonsta, all the furniture is intended for outdoor use - even in Portland! sassydo, the plants in the pots are a VERY large hosta called Sum & Substance - and I don't feed them a thing - in fact, I totally neglect them and they are as happy as little clams! It is my favorite variety of hosta because it gets so big and it can take more sun than other varities - the more sun you give it the more chartreuse the leaves get. The serving cart is actually a vintage flower cart. We just refinished it with Hammerite in Pewter, but I am seriously thinking of changing it to orange - too much?

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6/13/09 02:11 PM

HI THERE! Thank you for your comments. I was incredibly excited to see this in print! This project was really fun to work on and it turned out exactly how the client wanted it to...which is important to keep in mind. Photos only tell so much of the story, the other half is based on the clients needs and wishes, so even though you may not like particular elements of the project, the client really enjoys living in it. The rug is by Surya and the sofa/chair are by Outer Limits, which are available to the trade.

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3/31/09 04:40 PM