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Wende - I don't think it's the camo as much as the very quiet people wearing it being shipped BACK to Iraq. Sadness and suffering is pretty much what comes to my mind when I think tour of duty.

Look!: Digital Camouflage
7/18/07 05:58 AM

Blu Dot's Chicago Low Boy is about the same width and depth but a bit taller. Could be an option depending on the height of your windows.


Good Questions: Where Can I Find a Replica of this Desiron Bookshelf?
7/9/07 08:45 AM

Just wanted to offer some support for the SoHo staff. I bought a couple of chairs from there and found them to be polite and helpful. Ok, they don't fawn over you like the staff in some other shops but they're far from snooty. I've endured far worse treatment in Dune or Moss or Desiron.

But I do wonder how much longer the Modernica business model will remain viable. In a market where licensed originals are becoming increasingly available, expensive knock-offs are bound to appear less attractive. Why buy from Modernica when you can go round the corner to R&B or DWR and buy the official reissues (with some touchy-feely sales assistance thrown in)?

What's The Deal With Modernica?
5/29/07 08:40 PM

I ordered some of their solar shades and was most pleased with the service (made up and delivered in under a week - pretty good for a custom order) and the product. Highly recommended.

The Shade Store
5/29/07 08:12 PM