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This has got to be one of my favorite boy rooms! I love it!

Jack's Modern Adventurous Abode Kids Room Tour
4/7/14 04:21 PM

Im drawn to number 1!

What's Your Favorite Layout for House We're Building? Good Questions
3/26/14 12:26 PM

Basically, I just have a place for everything. The closet has shelves for all of his board games and the floor is stacked with clear bins from Ikea. They hold legos, cars, potato heads, tons of toys. Under his bed is where we keep all of the remote controlled cars and trucks. At the bottom of his bookshelf are baskets for all of his costumes and accessories. I also have a basket (under the black chair) that holds all of his masks and next to that is a black cheap garbage can from Ikea that holds all of the swords and Nerf guns.

Quinn's Room of Treasures My Room
3/5/14 01:13 PM

Thank you guys so much! I am so excited to share his room :)

Pi: Its the Spider-Man Stunt City toy! Its a pretty cool toy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFCR_0xBPm0

Nick Perles: The throw from H&M. Its super soft and comfy!

Quinn's Room of Treasures My Room
3/5/14 12:19 PM

I love Thanksgiving for one reason. Pumpkin Pie. I can do without the rest. :)

Real Life Holidays: Which Desserts Do You Like the Best at Thanksgiving Dinner?
11/14/13 02:04 PM

I am completely in love with this room!

Truman's Mid-Century Marvel My Room
11/13/13 01:49 PM

Hands down one my absolute favorite kid rooms!

Tyler & Lucas' Scandinavian MCM Room Kids Room Tour
8/13/13 06:06 PM

Wow! This place is amazing!

Carmen's Small Space in Singapore Small Cool Contest
5/7/13 11:42 AM

I have the Kivik couch. Honestly it depends on what type of couch you find comfortable. The slip cover i have is the Teno light gray and i would not get that.. my son calls it his itchy couch. The cover was super rough and kinda itchy at first, but finally 2 years later its getting a little softer. The bottom cushion is a firm foam type cushion and the back ones are down feathers i think. Its a low couch, and the cushions are low to, im 5'3" and they go up to about my shoulders. If you like a couch to sink into this is not that kind of couch. It has held up nicely the last 2 years with a 5 year old and 2 dogs though.

Reviews of IKEA Kivik, Carlstad & Poang? Good Questions
10/29/12 09:19 AM

My mom, sister and i are also obsessed. If you open certain closets in each of our homes it looks like a mini yankee candle store :)

Confession: I'm Obsessed with
Yankee Candles

7/2/12 03:15 PM

do it before. i wanted to paint my place before i moved in but that didnt happen. now a year later its only about half painted, but im doing it myself...

Should I Paint Before or After Moving In? Good Questions
5/30/12 12:29 PM

i would lovee that sink for my bathroom.. but so expensive! does anyone know of a cheaper alternative?

Regina's Lab-Like Loo Dream Bathroom Inspiration
5/16/12 04:20 PM

oh, yeah.. um.. me.. i blame it on a family of 3 living in 600 square feet. im constantly rearranging trying to find get the most out of our space.

Are You A Compulsive Re-Decorator?
4/4/12 01:40 PM

the Stick & Origami Bird Mobile. its calming and relaxing to look at and i think it would look great in a nursery.

Vote for Which Mobile I Should DIY Nesting a Nursery
3/29/12 04:02 PM

Honestly, if your kid wants to sleep in their closet let them! Im sure her imagination is running wild just thinking about sleeping in a little cozy cave like that. We live in chicago and my childs entire bedroom is in a walk in closet. Just let her have fun now, i mean you can always take it out in a month or two.

Is it OK for Kids to Sleep in the Closet?
3/29/12 02:43 PM

where is this picture from? i would love to see more of this room!

Can Anyone Help Identify This Cabinet? Good Questions
3/26/12 11:36 AM

i had that same one! from jr high school all the way through college.. until one day the alarm went off and i could never get it to turn off and i had to get a new one..

Product Nostalgia: An Ode to the (Discontinued!) Sony Dream Machine
3/15/12 08:41 PM

We went with the ikea couch and slip covers and thank god we did. My son is only 4 but in the last year has spilled so much the couch im happy we went the ikea route. once hes older we can get the more expensive couch, but until then slipcovers is the way to go.

Furnishing the Family Room: How Did Kids Alter Your Choices?
3/12/12 01:23 PM

I lived in LA for 3 years and explored every nook and cranny of that city. We would just jump in the car and go.. ahh, so many great memories!

A Walking History Lesson: Downtown Los Angeles
2/21/12 09:21 PM

all i can say is the snowpocalypse was the greatest day of my life..

Tips & Tricks for Keeping Your Home Cozy this Winter
11/29/11 07:17 PM