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For the past three years we've been living in a flat in London with back-painted glass as a backsplash. It's quite common in higher-end kitchens in Europe. I don't adore the look myself, but it's held up very well and is easy to clean.

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4/23/14 12:38 PM

Ha, @Seamstress, you beat me to it!

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4/1/14 10:09 AM

I often schlog a few tablespoons of leftover cooked oatmeal into a smoothie. It does wonders for the texture.

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9/10/12 06:18 PM

Beautiful, Diana. I have to admit that over the past few years, you have single-handedly changed the way I look at decrepit objects in the world. And even after our renovation, your weathered boat photo is still one of my favorite things in our house.

The Aesthetics of Rust: Metal, Water & Oxidation In The Home
11/11/10 06:40 PM

So happy to be on the kitchn, and in such delicious company. Thanks, guys!

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4/15/10 12:29 PM

Great post. I think you've single-handedly cured my fears about upkeep of honed Carrera marble and changed my mind about whether it's feasible for a frequent, balls-out, messy cook like me. I'd tried so hard to like engineered quartz just as much as Carrera, but it never happened. Thank you!

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3/9/10 07:22 PM

What a gorgeous home. Thanks for sharing!

Judy's Sunny Stylish Family HomeHouse Tour | Apartment Therapy Chicago
2/25/10 11:40 AM

Thanks for featuring this. Excited to be on The Kitchn!

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10/8/09 04:45 PM

Clicked through to the story at Sunset, and boy, do I have a new model for my dream home. Anyone with a family who's interested in beautiful, functional small design should definitely have a look at the whole article. Great find!

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4/1/09 10:10 AM

That sushi is gorgeous! Such a fun idea for a kid's birthday party.

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3/31/09 10:55 AM