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Wow! Thanks so much for the great advice you guys--I love your suggestions! My first order of business will be some curtains and a new place for that TV. I'll be sure to share some "After" pics once I put all your advice to good use.

And I'll admit I used our dog Fritz as a ploy for comments, because, seriously, who can resist that face? :)

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10/12/09 06:19 PM

I literally gasped when I saw your view!! Absolutely gorgeous. Who cares about furniture when you can look out at that everyday!

But that being said, I think your place is charming.

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7/23/09 12:10 PM

Absolutely love that big lounger you have in the corner. I've been looking for something just like it forever! May I ask where you got it? :)

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4/3/09 11:52 AM