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I would begin by not buying it given the likelihood that the Chinese have mined it and possibly stolen it from the Tibetans.

How Do I Store Himalayan Salt? Good Questions
6/29/14 03:31 PM

youTube!!! Nothing else matters.

Where Do You Get Your DIY Know-How?
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8/8/11 07:49 PM

Yeah, we just put up the Hardie Board on our house. I do all of the interior work but hired a contractor for this. There is a lot of dust and if you are going to drill through it to mount anything, like I just did, make sure to get a masonry bit or you risk cracking it. I custom ordered from a building supply store instead of going to Lowes or HD so got a much better choice with only a two week wait. @tangomom - did you overlap the boards? Our contractor put them up against each other and didn't caulk the space, I am worried he botched this part.

Cement Fiberboard: Eco-Friendly Siding
7/18/11 08:31 PM

ummm... that's a side table not stairs. Sorry.

Call Your Contractor! More Scary Stairs Roundup | Apartment Therapy New York
6/14/10 10:16 PM

I am in the process of building a few radiator covers. They aren't that hard and you only need a few tools. Miter cuts for the molding are probably the hardest. The plans I got are from This Old House.

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6/2/10 02:18 PM