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I agree that you should paint the brick. You still have the beautiful contrasting texture of the bricks to the wall, but painting it will soften and instantly UPDATE your space. If it is your main family room or entertaining space you should mount a TV in the nook. Your fireplace area is certainly the focal point of your room. Putting the TV in the nook will maintain that focal point. Paint the inside back wall of the nook a very slightly darker color. Perhaps put a shelf under the television right in the nook to balance out the space (most TVs are rectangle). Or, skip the TV and put a favorite piece of art in there. It's a frame after all.

You don't have to stick with white either. Paint the walls or brick or both a color. Just minimize the contrast in color, since you already have contrast in texture.

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7/6/09 06:50 PM

Check out www.thisisnotikea.com in LA. They are AMAZING!

For something new but mid-century inspired, check out www.thesofacompany.com. Read my blog and find The Sofa Company's best mid-century picks!



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That ceiling is amazing. Highlight the wood by using a warm-toned paint--like an amber, gold, or sage. If you're sticking with the cabnits, paint them too--not the same color as the walls, but something contrasting (a neutral). Consider shutters for the windows instead. Also think about adding more counterspace with an island, etc.

Lighting is most important. Use warm, diffused lighting, not overhead.

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3/30/09 07:21 PM

I think my store, The Sofa Company made this sofa! It's the "Paige" style with a "T-Seat Cushion" in a green micro-velvet! Very similar to our "Riley" style. How pretty! This makes my day!

We're a custom furniture store, and can make almost any sofa you can imagine!


My name is Emily. If you ever need a sofa, ask for me!

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