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Very cute place! So fresh and cheery.

Caitlin's Art Deco Apartment with a Parisian Flair
House Tour

11/22/10 12:03 PM

funny, I was just thinking about repairing an antique woven rug I bought at a tag sale. This gives me that little push I needed. Now off to the fabric store to get a curved needle..

Sewn-Together Rugs
11/22/10 11:55 AM

Brilliant! Thanks for the helpful hints. I gather up autumn leaves and place them in a ziplock with a piece of wet moss and send them off to my friends in perpetually green or beige climes.

Preserve Autumn Leaves Now for the Thanksgiving Table
11/2/10 12:42 PM

Brilliant and it keeps all that outdated plastic out of the landfills!

Typographic Wall Calendar Made from Old Keyboard Keys
11/2/10 12:39 PM

Wow, how festive! What a creative team those two are. Always an inspiration.

Working Colored Taper Candles
Eddie Ross

11/2/10 12:24 PM

Strong and silent, like I like my men.

Beautiful design! Certain to become a classic in homes all around the world. Love the reclaimed wood idea.

Quandry Table by John Berg
Design Showcase 2010

9/19/10 08:19 AM

WOW what a snarky bunch! Going flea shopping with Eddie sounds like fun.

Keep up the good work Eddie!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Hitting up The Rose Bowl with Eddie Ross
3/29/09 11:59 PM