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How To Do It Better Guide: Tough Cleaning Jobs
2/2/11 11:11 AM

Her back porch so reminds me of the porch I had in my favorite house! Mmmmm, makes me miss it. We used to come home sometimes and find friends or neighbors sitting in it. Such a welcome home.

Christina's Stylish (with a Touch of Humor) Home
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11/1/10 04:56 PM

Recently, we moved into a condo with a kitchen the third the size of our previous one. But, we came up with three ways to extend storage. Most small L-shaped kitchens have a dead corner where the two legs form the corner. We found using 11 inch turntables (from old microwaves) allow the use of that corner and seeing every item in that corner. We found hanging narrow shelves under top shelves steal more space. Using "half" shelves (narrow in depth but the full width of the cabinet) allows the use of the full volume of the cabinet with everything in plain sight.

Three Latin American Kitchens
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9/16/10 06:12 PM

How wonderfully zen!! I felt relaxed just looking at the pics. Would that I were such a good editor of my "things".

HGTV Host Taniya Nayak's Home with a River View
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8/11/10 07:31 PM

First I would leave that floor just as is. Perhaps consider a sisal or berber area rug for in front of the fireplace (fpl). Facing the fpl, at a right angle to the left of fpl a love seat (taupe would work well in this room) that has legs and is not overstuffed. Parallel to love seat on R of fpl, a sleek well cushioned but not overstuffed bench shorter than the love seat which can double as coffee table with a tray or as seating. In front of the radiator, a small round glass top table. On either side a Stacksandstacks chair with or without a lightweight cushion, one with a light colorful throw. The Stacksandstacks provide seating for short visits over coffee even without a cushion, takes little visual space and makes the table a nice place for short junkets with your laptop. Add to the seating some bright pillows, long geneous panels to either side of the window, on the window side of the fpl a tall urn of grasses (bloodgrass maybe) or greenery, bright art work. This gives you seating for six, a bench and pair of chairs which can double for dining if you have that option.

Best Furniture Arrangement for Long Narrow Living Room?Good Questions | Apartment Therapy DC
1/2/10 05:17 PM

A small dish of apple cider vinegar will absorb most odors including those from even fish and cabbage. The additional advantage is it also kills any airborne mold spores.

Dealing With Excessive Moisture in a Small Space? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy New York
12/8/09 07:51 PM

I never did find his "mess"! The clock in the bathroom gave me a chuckle. On our first visit with friends in Berlin, we adopted their habit of hanging a clock over every exit door of every room. So, of course, I noticed his clock and the precision of his "clutter".

Apartment Therapy New York | Pierre's Lair in the Clouds House Tour
10/1/09 04:17 PM

My husband (of more than 30 years) and I slept cuddled for most of our life together. After his heart attack, he developed sleep apnea and the snoring and snorting that too often goes with it. We discovered a great truth: It's not what you do when you are asleep that keeps you together! So, we make time for cuddling before we get sleepy, often when we first wake up and just before we go to bed. Our grown children tease us for holding hands and touching each other's hair. It works for us.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | When Couples Don't Sleep Well Together...
9/28/09 04:24 PM

We just say, "Come on in!" If they begin to look around as though obviously uncomfortable and ask, "Is this a bad time?"; I say, "No, but if anything is dirty enough to make you uncomfortable, it dirty enough to clean before you leave." Everyone gets a good laugh though no one has offered to clean anything yet...so, maybe it's not such a good response.

Apartment Therapy New York | AT Survey: What's Best to Say?
9/28/09 04:07 PM

This is a two part response. First, on the fireplace wall above the mantle and bookcases, use a deep color like taupe or teal to draw the eye past the large blank wall. If you are not allowed to paint, use fabric. You spray it with liquid starch and apply like wallpaper. When you are moving out, spray lightly with water and it comes off without damaging the wall surface and endangering your deposit. Secondly, on the wall above the television screen, take a long narrow (about 18-20 inches top to bottom depending on how high the ceilings are) piece of foam core (found in art supply store), cover with a striped fabric which includes the color of the fireplace wall. Spray adhesive should do the job. The foam core is very lightweight so it, too, will not damage the wall. This is a good opportunity to pull together a couple of other bright colors into the total decor (for ex. the quirky color in the rug and the blue or green of some of the items in your bookcase).

Apartment Therapy New York | Ideas & Inspriation for Living Space? Good Questions
7/22/09 02:11 AM

How you get rid of the texture depends on what material it is made from. Is it plaster, sheetrock with texture added?

Apartment Therapy Boston | Good Questions: Getting Rid of Textured Ceilings?
4/30/09 03:24 PM

Try getting a friend to build a box (8-10 inches high, length and width of your mattress) with a drawer that pulls out from the long side. Use the top of the box as the seating area. You probably want to use OSB and paint it. At night you pull out the mattress and "nightie-night". Depending on the size of your mattress, you may want to use heavy duty rollers at the four corners and the center rather than the normal drawer pull setup.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Good Questions: Help for Tiny 200 sq/ft Studio!
4/30/09 03:22 PM