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I'm trying to get used to it, but I still hate the redesign. Ohdeedoh was lovely why mess with it. Hate the new layout. Ugh. And hate the idea of using the word "Family" lots of families don't have kids.

Welcome to the New Apartment Therapy!
1/11/12 08:37 PM

I have two year old twins. I bought the Stokke cribs which were really expensive, but have worked out really well. We also have a hand me down portable crib which I put on wheels that has been really useful as well, especially when they were young, we wheeled it all around the apartment, and they could play in it. I highly recommend getting a crib that you can put wheels on (locking), and one that fits through the bedroom doors, so that you can wheel it into another room, say when one is sick, or not sleeping well My girls spent the first few weeks in the portable crib together. They still fit in it at 2, but not together!

Crib Solutions for Twins
Good Questions

3/21/11 08:40 PM

I think the first fabric is a shameless Josef Frank rip off. I hope they sue them.

Apartment Therapy New York | Pottery Barn's Graphic Print Chairs for Fall
7/17/08 05:45 AM

does anyone know where that light comes from?

Apartment Therapy - AT Europe: Florence - Valeria Alberto's High-Ceilinged Two-Bedroom
11/26/07 02:32 PM

I'll be sitting on Hans Wegner purchased from Ebay

Apartment Therapy - Look! Mitchell Gold Bob Williams Opens in SoHo
10/2/07 12:22 PM

Every time I walk past the window I think
Mediocrity has arrived.
Perfectly located as you come off the Williamsburg bridge and on the way to the Holland Tunnel.
The Suburbs have arrived.

Apartment Therapy - Look!Mitchell Gold Bob Williams Opens in SoHo
10/2/07 06:23 AM

Any one know if they are still available?

Apartment Therapy - Function Tiles from Droog
9/18/07 10:12 AM

Last week it said Liquidation sale in the window.

The table I bought from them had a terrible finish on it. I have stuff from Ikea that's holding up better.

What's The Deal With Modernica?
5/29/07 11:32 AM