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7/1/08 12:54 PM

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2/7/08 11:42 AM

I had a temporary wall (by one of those NY companies that specialize in them) split my large bedroom into 2. It's worked out ok. If i had to do it over again I would definitely have them use acoustic insulation. The sliding door solution looks good but I'd be really concerned about sound proofing. I've had friends who've had contractors and handymen put up temporary walls and they've all had good results. The main difference is these temporary wall companies are 'renting' you the wall, and will come disassemble it and take it away at some point.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CHI Good Questions: Temporary Walls?
1/30/08 02:23 PM

Does anyone have experience with design/build firms? If so, any recommendations? I'm wondering what the pros and cons are compared to working with an architect who then hands off the plans to a different contractor. Thanks.

Apartment Therapy - Open Thread 528
9/26/07 08:17 AM

I used since they could do walls at irregular angles (I created a six sided room). I think most of these companies let you paint and hang items on the wall, and the only thing they worry about are the doors, as they reuse them.

If you don't want a rental, many carpenters or contractors can build similar temporary wall set ups. The thing with these rental companies is that's all they do, so they are super fast. My six sided room with 2 doors, with walls that are cut around wall molding and ceiling beams was put up and painted in a day and a half.

If you're separating any kind of bedroom, think about asking for sound dampening options, as these walls can only block as much noise as a couple sheets of drywall.

Apartment Therapy - 1 Wall 2 Rooms: Temporary Walls
8/22/07 01:31 PM

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6/5/07 02:55 PM

A contraction in the home furnishing market? Maybe in LA, but not here in NYC where the economy is doing fine. Real estate market is active, low unemployment, record bonuses, etc. And there are at least two dozen furniture stores just within a couple blocks of the Modernica store and I haven't seen any other closings.

I've made recent purchases down the street at Moss, DWR, R&B and Desiron and have never experienced the same kind of behavior I got from Modernica. I don't need touchy-feely sales assistance. I'd settle for a sales person who's indifferent yet competent. What you get at Modernica is just plain rude and offensive treatment.

What's The Deal With Modernica?
5/30/07 06:47 AM

Simple. They have horrible customer service. Their salespeople are condescending and incompetent, and like you said "they don't like us." Their website is lousy. It's 2007, who prints catalogs of brightly colored furniture using black and white line art?!

The 2 times I've been in there the salesperson was rude and condescending. I can't remember how many times he rolled his eyes at me. He gave me incorrect product info (the wrong seat height for counter stools) which I later found in the catalog. He's obviously very unhappy, and has a huge chip on his shoulder for having to explain to almost everyone who walks in the store why their chairs are better quality than the HM chairs even though Modernica's are no longer the officially licensed Eames products.

I'll admit, they have great products, so despite all this attitude I still wanted their chairs. When I went into the store to purchase them, the salesperson walked away from me as I was talking to him mid sentence to go help another customer. When he finally got back to me, he entered my purchase into their website and printed an invoice. He charged me for bar stools when I had requested counter stools. When I told him about the error, and increased price, he pretended not to know what I was talking about. When I insisted he had charged me too much, he finally admitted he wasn't able to enter the counter stools on their website. (This would be like going to a brick and mortar Barnes & Noble and having the salesperson enter your order on the website... but then, not be able to do it). He got loud, saying he didn't know how to do it, that he would refund my money, and told me to try it myself online.

No matter how great the product, it's not going to sell with crap customer service.

What's The Deal With Modernica?
5/29/07 11:15 AM