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I had this for several years. The only time it was awkward was when I had overnight guests, which was blessedly rare. Otherwise, I just didn't care.

How to Make the Most of Typical Rental Features: The Only Bathroom is Through the Bedroom
7/25/14 01:55 PM

I just asked, after purposely choosing light colors not likely to offend. I've always had good relationships with my landlords and I'd like to keep it that way. Painting without permission is rude!

Fess Up: Have You Ever Painted A Rental Without Permission?
7/15/14 03:13 PM

Young person here (29) and a happy renter. I don't know whether it's because my parents never owned a home or because I came of age during the housing crisis, but I think home ownership is overrated.

I love having the freedom to move if I decide to take a job elsewhere without having to worry about selling a house. I love not having to worry about replacing major appliances or the roof. I love being able to downsize quickly if I lose my job or get sick.

We plan to buy a house in two or three years, but right now, the freedom of renting is glorious.

Is Home Ownership Still Part of The American Dream?
7/8/14 02:18 PM

One of our favorite quick weeknight meals, served with crusty bread and whatever portion of the wine didn't go in the pot.

How To Cook Mussels on the Stovetop Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
7/7/14 03:45 PM

I dunno, I used to live in an apartment with a teeny kitchen where the only counter space was an Ikea island (42"x35") and I baked and cooked everything I normally do. I even canned a couple quarts of tomatoes (God, that was a mess). It taught me to be much more efficient.

5 Meals You Can Cook in a Small Kitchen Without Too Much Gear Tips from The Kitchn
6/24/14 02:16 PM

Wegmans is amazing. Yes, some of the stuff is more expensive than other supermarkets, but in my area (Allentown, PA), it's the only store with the variety I need to finish my whole list in one place. Plus shopping there is just an amazingly pleasant experience. Their store brand is also reliably excellent.

So, I Just Went to Wegmans for the Very First Time. Grocery Shopping with The Kitchn
6/18/14 03:15 PM

Old place: I miss the location: right downtown in a small city, where it was easy to walk to lots of bars, shops, and restaurants. I miss the fact that it was so damn small that it was easy to clean. And I'm nostalgic for it's personal history. It was where I lived when I moved to a new area, the first place truly on my own, where I made my new life. It will always have very special place in my heart.

New place: I love the location: quiet, but still close to town (albeit a tiny one with fewer fun places). I love the yard, the increased space, the bright light. A larger, more functional kitchen where my husband and I can actually cook together. Space to entertain. It's the place we came home from our honeymoon to, the place where we'll bring our baby home. It's our family house.

I get super sentimental about my homes, in case you can't tell.

Moving Questions: What Will You Miss/Look Forward To Most?
6/4/14 03:54 PM

We also have Crate and Barrel's Aspen. It fit everything we were looking for: plain white with rimmed plates, fine enough for formal dinner but sturdy enough for everyday, regular-sized plates (we used to have Macy's Cellar stoneware that wouldn't fit in our cupboards or microwave!), and reasonably priced. I love whiteware because it's so easy to mix and match serving pieces and linens and food looks really pretty on it.

On Buying a New Set of Dishes: What Do You Recommend? Reader Intelligence Request
4/28/14 03:43 PM

I love this! Very sweet and fun.

A Happy Modern With A Touch of Vintage Girl's Nursery My Room
3/28/14 02:41 PM

We really like Bulleit in our house.

Why Rye? Inside the 9-Bottle Bar's Whiskey of Choice The 9-Bottle Bar
3/20/14 02:01 PM

Also, put your raises in your retirement account. Since you're already used to living on your previous salary, you won't even notice.

Practically Painless Ways to Build a Nest Egg Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/18/14 01:54 PM

It's huge cabinet made of solid cherry. Thus the price.

Victuals Grey Bar Cabinet by Russell Pinch for Crate & Barrel
3/12/14 03:13 PM

This is wonderful! I use The Kitchn on my phone to cook all the time and this will make it much more pleasant. Thank you!

The Kitchn Is Now Mobile!
2/24/14 02:40 PM

This is hilarious!

Feeling Bitter? Some NSFW Valentine's Day Ideas from S%!# Food Bloggers Say Valentine's Day Menus From the Experts
2/14/14 02:20 PM

A few years ago, a lobster pot pie recipe was featured in the New York Times for Valentine's Day. It looked delicious, so I made it, just for myself. Bonus: It was written for two, so it was easy to cut in half!

Champagne for One: Michael Procopio's Ideas for a Blissfully Solo Valentine's Day Valentine's Day Menus From the Experts
2/11/14 02:55 PM

Beautiful and practical. Great design!

A Transforming Baby Chair that Grows with Your Kid Design News
2/10/14 03:38 PM

I have "Smoking Meat," a cookbook by Jeff Philips. It's very useful, and everything we've made from it is delicious!

Tools, Cookbooks & Other Resources for Using a Smoker? Good Questions
2/10/14 03:31 PM

I made the Serious Eats guacamole football stadium for a Super Bowl party last year. It was a huge hit and everybody ate it. Man, it was tasty. And fun to make. It's okay to have a little fun with your food!

Why Everyone Should Make a Snackadium for the Super Bowl
1/30/14 03:33 PM

I love to bake and even made my own wedding cake!

I Only Know How to Make One Cake. And That's Just Fine.
1/28/14 03:27 PM

Yep, I bought mine to make yogurt. Seemed more sensible than a unitasker yogurt maker. It's also great for party food, like pulled pork or Italian beef. We've made apple butter and mulled wine in it too. It lives in the basement most of the time, but it's handy to have around.

How Often Do You Use a Slow Cooker? Reader Survey
10/21/13 02:04 PM