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I echo Breaking Bad! Puffy eyes in the morn is real after this Netflix discovery

Sleep, What's That? The Five Most Addictive Shows on Netflix
12/3/12 03:14 PM

I do the same @zzipper ! Using the inotes I create a huge ICE large enough for someone to "do the right thing" including email info.

Use Your Lock Screen as a Reminder Reddit
9/28/12 02:22 PM

Trader Joes' drinkable yougurt is a great and definitely more affordable. Honey is my go-to flavor!

Siggi's Drinkable Yogurt Product Review
4/25/12 04:20 PM

Ditto! My Dyson vaccum is a godsend :) I'm willing to shell out the dough for a solution that makes life easier and safer for all.

James Dyson on Dyson Hot: A Smarter Space Heater
9/16/11 04:55 PM

Zelda and Francis are depicted quite nicely in Woody Allen's latest film Midnight in Paris along with some other icons of the 20s. Kathy Bates does a good job playing Gertrude Stein too!

Style Icon: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jazz Age Trendsetter
American Style

7/29/11 11:53 AM

There used to be a good flea in Chelsea but they knocked it down to put up a condo. The Brooklyn flea organizer runs the blogworld so whatever chance he gets to name drop he does. Don't get me wrong-- the flea has done wonders for the Brooklyn economy. I waitress on the weekends and love the foot traffic, but in terms of antique finds... it is a major miss.

Destination Flea Markets: Five Must-See Markets
4/28/11 04:40 PM

sheez this is ridic. how about some floor coverings?

Luke's Barely Habitable
4/25/11 12:59 PM

Yes I've been using for a few months now. It's slightly thinner but works just fine.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Have You Tried This Recycled Aluminum Foil?
10/16/09 04:45 PM

My old co-worker whose family is from Ghana says Moringa leaves are nutritious, but they are so high in fiber that if
you take too much you can get sick. So it should definitely be taken in smalldoses!

I believe her family boils the leaf and creates a tea.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Ingredient Spotlight: Moringa Leaves
9/24/09 01:59 PM

Over medium!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | What's the Difference? Eggs Over Easy Vs. Sunny Side Up
9/21/09 04:58 PM

have a smoke

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Tell Us: What Do You Do While You Wait?
9/21/09 04:53 PM

I wouldn't paint the walls anything dark since the room is so small. If u must paint choose a cool/muted color scheme. Highlight with warm accessories. I agree with the comments re: throw pillows. Warm throw on the bed as well and a painting behind the sofa/bench could work well in this space.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Suggestions For A Micro Studio?
6/23/09 04:44 PM

wow-- dead on!!!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | What Do Your Color Choices Say About You?Paper Source Colorscope
6/23/09 04:23 PM

hahah-- i think it's a great gag gift. perfect for sending off the kiddy to college no?

Apartment Therapy DC | Hot or Not? Cardboard Bedding
6/10/09 12:56 PM

I had one last night at La Esquina in NYC and I wasn't a fan. Maybe a darker a beer would work better than the Corona mix I was given. Overall it was just too salty.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Cinco de Mayo Recipe: Mango Michelada
5/12/09 03:02 PM

I have to admit I recently received the ZeroWater filtration system along with the digital reader and I love it! Not only does my water taste better the accompanying device allows one to test the water quality of all water sources. There is nothing bad about options. Transparency is a good thing. I am thankful that the makers of ZeroWater understand that.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Re(al)view: ZeroWater
5/12/09 02:50 PM

I have the same poppy decals but I put them on an accent wall in my living room. I never thought about using them on the fridge. GREAT IDEA!!! to post #2 : They can be easily removed. Actually, I had issue with keeping them on the wall (dust/ painted surface). A lil double stick tape should do the trick. And yes-- you can find them at Ikea.

Apartment Therapy DC | Small Cool 2009: Beth's Sail Factory Tiny Division #18
4/9/09 11:22 AM

i can never find a girl scout here in nyc-- so thanx for the recipes!!!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | DIY Girl Scout Cookies
4/2/09 04:52 PM

yea i second seeing the bedroom and bathroom. love the grey paint as well

Apartment Therapy Boston | Small Cool 2009: colorTHEORY's Victorian Grandness Little Division #02
4/2/09 02:37 PM

I agree a curtain to separate the kitch from bathroom is a no-go. It's just too close for comfort. Otherwise I love the arrangement in the living room. I'm wondering where does Kim sleep?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Inspiration: Kim's Great Ideas for A Small Space
4/2/09 02:19 PM