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Mushrooms. I just can't get over the fungus texture, even though I like that they soak up flavor on the grill. I guess I'll just keep working on it. I also don't like olives, even though everyone else I know seems to love them.

Until recently I also hated beets, but then I tried yellow beets and they were like a gateway drug...the flavor is just so subtly sweet. Now I could eat roasted beets (of any color) every day.

What Foods Have You Tried To Like, But Just Can't?! | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
6/17/10 09:00 PM

Wow, I am definitely going to do this. I could use a couple area rugs to outfit my apartment, but as a student, rag rugs are just about all I can afford. Do they come in other colors? Love the teal, but it doesn't exactly go with the colors in my bedroom.

How To Create a Quick, Cheap Rug Home Hacks | Apartment Therapy New York
2/9/10 10:12 PM

My bedroom is huge, but the layout is ridiculous. It is shaped like a long, narrow rectangle. If you're looking in from the door, the long wall straight across has two huge windows. The shorter wall to the right has two decent-sized closets with a couple of feet of wall separating them. The short wall to the left has another large window and a long, uncovered radiator.

I've managed to fit a double bed and nightstand to the left of the door, leaving just enough space between the bed and the radiator. The dresser is centered beneath the two windows on the long wall, and a have a bookcase between the closets. The room looks sparse because there is almost too much floor space, and I would have preferred to have a more symmetrical layout, but there isn't really a convenient place to add more furniture. Although I am considering picking up a small upholstered chair to stick beside the dresser.

The room in the photograph looks cozy (something that I am still struggling to achieve in my own bedroom), but I'm not crazy about the idea of a bed placed in front of a window.

A Problem-Solver Bedroom | Apartment Therapy New York
1/15/10 11:01 AM

I live in an 800 square foot one bedroom in Pittsburgh, and it is more than enough room for me and my cat. I am a student, and considering most of my friends pack two or three people in a space this size, I feel very lucky to have a space this big all to myself!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | The Under 800 Square Feet Club House Tour Roundup
10/22/09 10:04 PM

I'm fine with buying used furniture (about half of mine is from Goodwill or Craigslist), but the thought of accidentally infesting my apartment with bedbugs or something is always in the back of my mind. Couches are expensive, though...probably worth the risk.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Tips for Finding a Decent Sofa on a Small Budget
8/18/09 04:58 PM

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to create an atmosphere that is comfortable and conducive to studying and enjoying college. I lived in university housing for the past two years, and my roommate and I invested some time into making our place unique. It wasn't wildly expensive-just a matter of hanging some posters and photos in cheap frames and buying some lamps and curtains (I think the most expensive thing I bought was an expedit unit from Ikea, which I plan to keep using until it falls apart). It made the dorm feel like a nice place to come home to after class. Collaborating on decorating also broke the ice and helped roomie and I get to know each other better.

Now I'm moving into my first "real" apartment, and I'm glad that I put the effort into decorating my dorm rooms...I'm more aware of my personal style and know what I want my new place to reflect.

And not all college students are wasteful and toss everything at the end of the year...I'm keeping everything but the twin XL bedding.

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8/11/09 02:33 PM

I'm moving into a new place this fall, and the main thing that I would love to see changed would be the fridge. It's actually really great; pretty new, nice condition, but it's HUGE. It's at the end of a galley kitchen, and the door doesn't even open fully because the oven is in the way. I'd be ecstatic if I could switch it out for a smaller one.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Apartment Renovation: Landlords vs. Renters
5/19/09 08:07 PM

Thanks alisaan!

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4/3/09 11:21 PM

I was wondering the same thing as nycbound. I'm moving into a new apartment in a few months, and I think a sofa bed would be really useful for guests. So basically, I'm looking for something that is comfortable either way, and also fits my practically non-existent budget. I would also really appreciate some input.

I've really never had a problem with anything I've gotten from Ikea. It is very affordable, so it's obviously not top quality, but I don't expect to have the money to buy "real" furniture for quite a long time. Until then, it'll do just fine. Plus, I have some shelves and dressers that have been assembled and disassembled multiple times, and they're as sturdy as the day I bought them.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | 5 New Products for Spring from IKEA
4/2/09 10:09 PM

These are all great ideas. In particular, I love the third photo...anyone know where to find the desk and turquoise shelves/vanity (or something similar)? Such great colors and patterns!

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3/28/09 02:45 PM