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Crazy about the Dinning set. Is it Antique or a remake. If it is a remake where can I find it.

Globe Pendant Lights: Inspiration Ideas & Resources
5/13/11 09:14 AM

I have a bf in NYC that has a Carlyle Loveseat size sleeper sofa and it is the most comfortable I have ever slept on (far better than even the futon styles I have experienced). The best part is all the bedding fit perfect into the matching ottoman she topped with a classy tray doubles as a coffee table. Two slim people might even be comfy.

Bedroom in a Minute: All About Sleeper Sofas
3/8/11 03:42 PM

Beautiful. Just my style. & ??? Is that an original Calder hanging from the ceiling????

Jen Michael's Modern Retreat House Tour | Apartment Therapy Boston
6/9/10 06:15 PM

psst! be very quiet.
It's very very peaceful.

Jim's Earthy Garden Apartment House Tour | Apartment Therapy Chicago
6/7/10 03:19 PM

Is Patricia for hire? Beautiful! It's dreamy and inviting. Love the mix of furnishings and how they all work together. Clutter? Not a chance. Just well placed items to make it feel like home and not a museum. Stunning, imaginative, & cozy. Oh, that fireplace! No words....Just Awe.....

Patricia's Second Greatest Home House Tour | Apartment Therapy New York
5/11/10 07:31 PM

Love the Bapka Oak Dinning Table. Where can I get it and what kind of $$ are we talking? Checked out Bobo, and there are many beautiful pieces.
Thanks, T.

Four Nice Things Made of Wood: Bulthaup, Bobo, Donald Judd Artesia | Apartment Therapy New York
5/11/10 05:03 PM

This is the BEST house tour I have seen in months!! I just loved everything in every shot.(okay, maybe not the exersaucer but it made it REAL) I want to live in that space with my family!
Awesome Awesome taste! Makes me feel brave & adventurous as I move forward with my new decor.

Nine by Design Heads West House Tour | Apartment Therapy New York
5/6/10 05:12 PM

Looks like a little vintage treasure shop. Lot's of odd and strange items. A bit like a piece of mixed media art. You are a living piece of mixed media vintage Performance Art! Very cool. & you look very comfy. However I couldn't live in all that and I have always wondered how live animals feel around Taxidermy animals???? " To each their own" a wise German woman taught me.

Briana's Salvaged Sanctuary House Tour | Apartment Therapy Boston
4/8/10 10:26 AM

It's personal and if it's your home and you love it, do it!
Now, if your selling or have some decorator show house ideas... It might be a bad idea. Life is about the connections you make and the relationships you have. If the photo, big, small, framed or on the fridge makes you happy every time you look at it, that is all the reason you need. If you feel joy in your heart ignore the what's "right or wrong" and make it work for you.

Make it "Home", Make it Personal & Share with those you love.

Round Up: Ideas and Sources For Displaying Family Photos The Supersize Version | Apartment Therapy DC
3/17/10 11:32 PM

Yes, general price comparisons please, buy square or liner ft would be great. I agree with HeyNowTex about the disparity in what we all think is inexpensive or reasonable.
On another note,
Are there stain removal options if you get a tough stain?
Thanks a bunch for the info.

Best Advice: White Marble Counter Tops Pros Cons | Apartment Therapy New York
3/9/10 02:39 PM

Sit on it for awhile, and add pillows to tie it together. If it doesn't do it for you then paint it. A semigloss black Lacquer really brings out the grain but it is not forgiving so protect protect. If there is Antique Value I would really reconsider but that's me. I have sold my antiques to those that really love them to buy something I really love that suits my style. If you really love this piece maybe you can start on an eclectic path and add more like it to tie it all together. Live with for a while and figure out why you purchased it. Love the piece or need?

Should I Paint the Trim On My Sofa? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
2/8/10 09:32 PM

I think it's a great solution and one to build off or edit for many cases around the home, not that you'd want boxes everywhere. If you look at the before and after there is a nice difference and I agree the splash of green was a nice addition. I am always challenged by cords, the people that owned my house before me loved to drill a nice size hole in the moulding and when we ripped up the carpet to refinish the beautiful wood floors...holes every few feet!!! So it's been ongoing for generations. How to hide the flippin' ungly cords. We should be WIRELESS by now with everything.
Wouldn't that be lovely, like those photoshopped catalogue pages.

How To Hide Your Cords on the Cheap Pretty Home Hacks | Apartment Therapy Boston
2/8/10 08:24 PM

Yes! Yes! this is the way to do it and I remember it well. My German mom made me help her with this process and we had to use Kotex Maxi Pads!!!! for the waxing & polishing. I was the most mortified teen ever, but it worked so beautifully! This is how our moms stayed thin, work like this on your hands and knees works up a sweat! I still love giving my floors a good cleaning the old fashion way and remember the corners must be the cleanest because that's where people look. So said mom.

How To Care for Waxed Wood Floors Home Hacks | Apartment Therapy DC
2/8/10 08:08 PM

I really like it. I think it is fun and I would be interested in seeing it with the other side of the blanket and if might take on a very space age feel. It looks cozy and would go great in my very brilliant, artistic son's room. I must admit however, It does look like something we would have come up with at RIT in 3D design class.

I wouldn't have thought it would cause such intense feelings thus making this a very interesting comment section to read, a bit like reality TV.

How To Turn IKEA's Tullsta Chair Into a Designer Piece Home Hacks | Apartment Therapy New York
2/8/10 08:01 PM

Shoes off or indoor shoes. I love clogs and easy to slip on shoes. So I keep a pair for indoors, which I use primarily in the kitchen because of the tile floor and the occasional mess that gets missed and stepped in during cooking, I am a very messy cook. Guest always seem to remove theirs because they see we do. German upbringing, so house shoes it was.

Survey: No Shoes in the House Policy? | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
1/23/10 01:04 PM

This would have been handy this past Thanksgiving instead of the old paper bag method. And "Oh so chic"

Win this M'Cook French Roasting Gift Set from Mauviel! Holiday Giveaway 2009 | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
12/17/09 03:14 PM

Opps I meant to say they don't sell the ARILD sofa size "online."

Apartment Therapy New York | Leather Sofa Advice Survey? Good Questions
10/15/09 11:15 PM

We just purchased 2 of the Leah. Beautiful, Comfortable and very well made! Seat depth is sooooo right! Well designed! We went with 2500 grade, in the espresso/coffee color, didn't get the real name (only 4 choices in the 2500) they were a little more but we hit a sale. Palliser is know for their quality and frankly I think better than some of the Natuzzi I seen since they have gone more commercial/mainstream. Even My husband was woo'd and he is not a fan of leather furniture. Try to find a dealer if you can, Palliser dealers are usually quality/higher end contemporary shops that are "mom&pop". Nice to support your local community. & you can try it out! & you will find the price to be the same or even better. Also, we came a click away from ordering the Ikea one's, they don't sell the couch size... but the quality was nice (we are in Buffalo and I relaxed on it in Canada & the price in CAN is 1300.=1245 USD. Did want to deal with transport, gst etc... I am thrilled with the much much better quality of the Palliser and can't wait to sip wine next to the fire in them! Oh! 8 to 10 week delivery time isn't a plus!!! but I've waited 2 years so what's 10 weeks!
Good Luck.
Good luck.

Apartment Therapy New York | Leather Sofa Advice Survey? Good Questions
10/15/09 11:12 PM

haley, I agree with you 100%. Let's not be snooty, citizens.
I am however, after many years looking at the Bantam because of it's assumed better quality?? We are at a point were we would spend more to get something that will last but I am not happy with what I am hearing on either sofa. Are there any others out there that are single cushion with very similar lines and excellent quality under 2000? I need two! Ouch. However we are furnishing for the first time (after many years of "college style" living) and like to have it for the long haul. I want quality and want to be able to clean it & have it keep it's shape. Am I asking for two much. I have a friend who just inherited a couch of similar design with a caned back rest and the cushion still looks great. Why can't we get this quality now? It's velvet ice gray. Beautiful and well used.
Thanks for any suggestions or input.

Apartment Therapy New York | Corona Sofa Series
3/26/09 05:07 PM