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One word -- dye! My apartment has it's original 1931 hardwood floors, which I stained ebony when I bought it. I just re-did my kitchen, which is open to the rest of the space, and put new hardwoods down so they would flow into the rest of the space. Tell your contractor or floor guy he needs to buy oil-based wood dye which will soak in and when poly'd over, will look perfect.

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6/17/12 08:24 PM

Luckypeach's idea was a good one. Though this project will not be that difficult, unless you are experienced at using a circular saw and such, it's much smarter to hire someone to help you.

I did something similar in a rental apartment years ago. Imagine one of those shelving units that you can buy to go around your toilet, you want to build something like that for your fridge.

I highly suggest using MDF - which is what Ikea makes most of their shelving/closet systems out of. A lumber yard will typically have it in white and several wood tones, it's fairly lightweight, durable, and inexpensive.

I would google search to see if anyone has put up any kind of plans for such a structure, but otherwise, just sketch it out so you can post your idea along with your craigslist listing. You will want someone that has the tools (rentals can be expensive) and charges by the hour. Pay him extra if he can pick up the mdf.

You would want 2 side pieces that are as deep as the fridge, and go however high above its top you want your shelves to go. Then pop in 2 or 3 shelves (the same depth as sides) into the space above the fridge and between the 2 side boards, plus several thin boards across the back of the unit for support.

If you can't find MDF, just use whatever the best option your local lumber yard offers. You can always paint or wallpaper it.

Good Luck! Post pics when you're done.

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3/26/09 05:08 PM

Divine Miss Linds -
Your apartment is as full of life as you are!

I love, well first of all I love the sheer size of your place and the view is nothing to sneeze at either, but I digress. The mixtures of pattern in the l/r give a great pop to the cool walls and couch, the plates are a wonderful antique-ish contrast to all the mod in the diningroom, your yellow wall in the b/r is just the Sha-Zam! we all need in the morning, and having spent 12 hours hand-stenciling my own foyer, I feel your pain re: the stripes, though they were well worth it!

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3/26/09 04:41 PM