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Whatever you build it out of, should you keep the base completely level? I would think you would want to angle it up a few degrees to ensure that it drains, but I am not sure.

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4/11/14 05:20 PM

Why not refrigerate curd-filled cakes, but take them out, frost and then go where you need to go?

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3/15/13 07:50 PM

You forgot Connecticut!

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6/22/11 02:16 PM

I got this one on an Amazon sale several years ago:

Its a little cheaper. I made almost everything in it - paella, tortilla espanola, stir fry - its great!

Hot Dish! All-Clad Stainless Shallow Casserole Pan
1/26/11 04:36 PM

If you buy prepared foods in the deli section of a grocery store - ask for a bigger container or for them to throw in an extra! I freeze stock in pint, quart and ice cube amounts.

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3/29/10 03:37 PM

I love this pan: I use it for almost everything.

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2/19/10 06:28 PM

Scoring the label with a sharp knife before soaking it overnight really helps.

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2/6/10 11:50 AM seconded!

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6/19/09 05:13 PM

Lemon zest Lemon juice extra virgin olive oil salt pepper. Un-screw-uppable.

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3/25/09 11:29 PM