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hey! thanks for the shout out. that was random and weird. just a reader admiring your gorgeous house and i see my blog mentioned. so...thank you. your house kicks ass.

jenny aka MFAMB

Leila & Buff's Beautiful Beach Abode House Tour
4/14/13 02:09 PM

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6/13/10 06:57 PM

love the rumpled, unmade bed. so pretty. in a sea of images sporting the OVERLY made bed this is refreshing. my vote is for ally!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Ally's Contemporary with a Touch of Paris Glam House Call
9/25/09 09:22 AM

i agree with the majority above. i think gwyneth has great style and it would be sily of us to think that she couldn't design a beautiful room. but at the same time i am a little apprehensive about a room for a little girl with no "shit" lying about. i mean my own daughter is apple's age and i KNOW what this child's room would look like in real life. where are apple's books and toys and THINGS?!?!? and shame on whomever (stylist? gwyneth? maid?)put all of those things away for the photo shoot, if indeed that is what happened.
i think i speak for everyone reading this when i say all we design junkies want to see is INSIDE your home, what do you have, use, keep? what does apple's "shit" look like? what are her favorite books and stuffed animals? and give me a break with the 'A' pillows. least favorite part.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Gwyneth Paltrow: Nursery Decorator To The Stars?
6/24/09 07:03 PM

hmmm..LOADS of suggestions. a strong orange, yellow or green by benjamin moore is my pick. i would be very bold with the color. the fabric you have is very muted and understated so i think you would need bold to keep it modern and stylish.
good luck. if you wanna come over to my blog and email me please do! i would be happy to even pick the paints that i think are the best.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Good Questions: Wall Color to Brighten Up this Bedding?
3/25/09 06:22 PM