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Parallel World by Ji Lee | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
2/26/10 06:53 PM

Or try what Modern In MN did here:

Source for Longer Shower Curtains? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy DC
2/23/10 07:45 PM

Well, I must say that I, too, think most of the stuff in that mag is insane. But I have no problem admitting that I have made two purchases from SkyMall - once about 4 years ago and once just a week ago - the same item. This one:

It was about $40 with shipping, and totally worth it to me. So much so that when we demo'd our shower a couple weeks ago, thus losing the first one, I ordered another one for our new shower. Installed it yesterday.

But other than that, I haven't even entertained thoughts of ordering anything else...

Apartment Therapy Survey: Do You Shop SkyMall? | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
12/17/09 12:30 PM

Magstermash - Yah, I'd be willing to do a post. Thanks for the compliment!

Rosenatti - funny, I'm fairly construction illiterate, too. I started with a set of bookshelves - because how hard can a couple big rectangles be, right? - and prayed through every cut. You can't imagine my elation when they turned out to be the same height! Then I moved on to something a bit more challenging - a captain's bed for my son. WAY out of my league, but I did it (and the drawers work and everything!). The Ikea hack dresser was actually probably harder than the bed. Don't know that I'll ever tackle anything with drawers again. :-) Amazingly enough, none of those projects had plans to them other than what was in my head, so I'll have to think about those step by step instructions - I'll get back to you.

Autoprogettazione Table Made From IKEA's Ivar Shelving | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
12/15/09 01:05 PM

To respond to "home body," sometimes it's just easier. My Ikea hack dresser started out as a desk - it was easier than building that part of it myself. I was able to just build on top of it. So I'm not sure it actually qualifies as a hack, since I didn't repurpose it, just built on top of it. To see a photo, go here:

Autoprogettazione Table Made From IKEA's Ivar Shelving | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
12/14/09 05:07 PM

I think you people are forgetting that each of our homes is about that very thing - what makes home to us. It's about surrounding ourselves with things we find beautiful. That translates differently to everyone. Our homes and design style are unique to each of us. What one person would be loathe to live with may be absolutely beautiful to someone else. I agree that critique is good, because it helps us grow and see things our eyes may not have been opened to before, but we should remember our critique is as unique to us as our design style.

Patti Gregg's Year-Round Beach House House Tour | Apartment Therapy Boston
12/5/09 05:52 PM

Thanks for the tips. I use vinegar for all my cleaning, but didn't know about adding it to the wash. But how much?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | The $5 Indoor Clothesline And Why We Can't Live Without It
4/1/09 09:05 AM

I have one of these! I've had it for about 5 years, installed it myself. It's never fallen off, and it's a lifesaver for shaving in the shower. (All we have is a shower stall, so I can't sit on the edge of the tub). We have white shower tiles that are about the same size square as the footrest, so it blends right in. I lo-ove this product - for the record. :-)

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Hot or Not? Shaving Pedestal
4/1/09 09:01 AM

I have used this method for three years now, and love it! Yes, start up costs are up there, but it's great having my own organic food. I also make my own compost, and this year I bought mini-blinds for dividers, and there were so many on there that I'll have dividers for years, so it was a good long term investment. I have 40 squares in my garden, and can grow lots and lots - sometimes more than we can use, so then I get to share. I'll never garden any other way.

Apartment Therapy New York | A No-Hassle Garden: Square Foot Gardening
3/31/09 09:07 AM

The walls in my laundry room are close enough together that I was able to put a shower curtain rod in there, so my clothes can go right from the washer to the rod. I also have a retractable clothesline outside.

I would use my dryer less if it weren't for the fact that air dried clothes, towels, etc. come out so stiff. I like the fluffy, comfortable feel from the dryer. Anyone who line dries regularly have any tips for making the former more comfy?

Apartment Therapy Chicago | The $5 Indoor Clothesline And Why We Can't Live Without It
3/31/09 09:00 AM

Ok, what do you mean by "I am so grateful to Greentea Design for supplying me with them"? Did they GIVE them to you? How can I get in on that?? :-)

Apartment Therapy Chicago | House Tour: Kim's One Room at a Time Ottawa, Ontario
3/25/09 01:25 PM