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I've got the Biria and I love it. Great city bike and everyone always compliments it.

Best City Bikes & Easy Rides 2014 Annual Guide
6/6/14 12:25 PM

Live with the unpainted trim for a while (maybe a year?) and see how you like it. The worst that can happen is that you decide to paint it in a year.

I know that I would personally paint it since that's my preference. Friends of mine inherited a home and lived with the unpainted wood for a few years. After undertaking a reno at the back of the house they decided to paint out all the trim to make the house more cohesive. It made the biggest difference. Suddenly the home felt bright and airy.

To Paint or Not To Paint Our Abundance of Wood Trim? Good Questions
4/22/14 03:04 PM

We live in Toronto and people would think you were crazy rude if you wore your shoes/boots in the house. The thought that anyone would trek their dirty shoes through personal space drives me absolutely insane.

Zero Tolerance: Do You Have a Strict \"Shoes Off\" House?
3/14/14 09:07 PM

A subscription to Lucky Peach.

Help! I Need Some Gift Ideas for a Professional Chef Good Questions
12/16/13 08:16 PM


Happy Thanksgiving! Reader Stories of Simple Ways to Enjoy the Holiday
11/28/13 07:30 PM

We go to a restaurant supply company in Toronto in Chinatown called Tap Phong. All white dishes and if one breaks you just go back and buy another.

Where to Buy Extra Plates and Glasses Without Spending a Lot of Money Product Roundup
11/14/13 03:29 PM

I found a similar desk on the street across from my house (a cast-away from a neighbour). It had a small chip in the corner and I could see that it was veneer. It looked like was in really bad shape and needed some love but the bones of the desk were good. The top had big water stains and scratches and the colour had faded a yellowish tone.

I lightly ran steel wool over the top. Then I used Howard's Restore-A-Finish and it was AMAZING how the water stains and scratches came out and the colour came back to the desk.

I couldn't believe how different it looked. The desk still has a patina of use (the chips are still there but not as prominent) and you can still faintly see the water stains and the scratches if you look closely, but I kind of like that it looks slightly worn. I'd suggest trying this first to see how it looks. We used the walnut finish (probably a similar finish to your desk).

How To Tell if Secondhand Desk is Veneer or Laminate & How Do I Refinish It? Good Questions
10/6/13 08:07 AM

I used restore-a-finish on a dresser that I found out in the street and it was AMAZING how many scratches, watermarks and general disrepair it covered up. Highly recommended.

Tips for Touching Up Original Wood Stain? Good Questions
8/5/13 11:02 AM

I'd try and have the conversation with your partner about the gift to explain that you really appreciate the gesture and the thought behind it but that unfortunately it isn't really your style. Otherwise I sense you're going to run into this again sometime down the line thereby forcing you at some point to reveal, "I didn't really like the naked burning angel picture" and he'll be hurt that you didn't say anything at the time.

I've run into this situation before. I like Star Wars since it reminds me a lot of my childhood and I like the place it occupies in pop culture. I'm not a "fan" or a collector. I don't watch the movie a ton or own any Star Wars memorabilia other than the odd small toy that sits on the shelf in my office. I like whimsy in our decor (we have a six foot framed vintage 1974 Italian Godzilla poster in our dining room, which is otherwise a serious space) but only in small doses.

Two years ago my partner decided to buy me Star Wars sheets for our bedroom as a gift. They were $350 (!!) from Pottery Barn.

I had to gently explain that I really thought that it was a nice gesture and that I appreciated where he was coming from (and that yes, I liked Star Wars but not THAT much) but that they were really too much for me.

In this case we were able to return them. I think his feelings were a little hurt but I'd rather have that conversation than let $350 sheets that we've never used sit in the linen closet for the rest of our lives.

How To Live With a Gift Print That's Totally Not My Style? Good Questions
6/25/13 01:26 PM

I'd really prefer that people stop taking photos of their food.

It's one thing to grab a quick snap. It's another to sit there with your Iphone flash going off 20 times - to the irritation of all the diners around you who are simply trying to enjoy a nice night out - while you try to get one mediocre photo that no one cares about.

Becoming a talented food photographer takes time and patience. Shots that you see in magazines like Bon Appetit involve a large crew and hours and hours of set up, styling, lighting and food prep (not to mention all the post-production work) to get it right.

Do yourself a favour. Savour the meal. Enjoy the company. Celebrate the surroundings of the new country you're in. Skip the photo. Bank the memory and live your life.

5 Tips For Taking Better Food Photos
When You Travel Guest Post from Dylan + Jeni

6/12/13 11:45 AM

The best wedding was of two friends who got married here in Toronto and then held the reception at a restaurant in the Distillery District. No seating charts (just large communal tables), no sit down meal (buffet style small plates so you could get food and then sit down with new people), a beautiful outdoor patio area, just the right amount of speeches and a friend of theirs programmed their Ipod with a great playlist.


There have been so many other weddings that were completely forgettable and incredibly expensive.

Tell Us: The Best Wedding You've Ever Been To?
6/12/13 11:32 AM

This was a great post. Lots of wonderful tips. We like to plan most of our trips around great local food so we do a lot of what is recommended here but there were a lot of new things we hadn't thought about.

Tips for Building a Travel Eatinerary: Discovering Where Locals Eat & Shop Guest Post from Dylan + Jeni
6/5/13 08:56 PM

I don't care what you eat but what I don't like is when you shove your diet in my face.

I am slim and healthy. I workout regularly (but not obsessively) and I eat well but enjoy indulgences here and there, including the occasional junk food item.

Over the years I have watched (and heard, oh how I have been preached to) many friends cycle through various diets - low fat, Atkins, Southbeach, Weight Watchers, etc. and now they're onto whatever the "Wheat Belly" diet is, IdealProtein and Paleo diets. With each diet I have to be told why I am eating wrong even though I'm not overweight, don't obsess about my weight and have never been on a diet.

At my old office many women went on Weight Watchers and I got sick of everyone telling me how many points I was about to eat whenever I ate anything. I certainly didn't appreciate feeling judged when I did eat something (which wasn't an everyday thing) that might not be "healthy". Sure, chips are bad if I ate them EVERY day, but I have them very occasionally and it isn't going to kill me to have a treat (a small bag) once in a while.

Now everyone is always on the whole "carbs are bad" thing and that I shouldn't eat them at all. A friend is constantly ingesting all these supplements and powders, yet telling me how unhealthy I am because I drank orange juice for breakfast and that makes you fat. Yet another keeps telling me how tomatoes and other red fruits and vegetables are "bad" for you because they have sugar in them and that makes you fat.

It's great that you've found something that works for you but please don't judge me for not doing whatever diet you've decided to try for yourself.

On Saying No to Paleo: Why Eating Isn't One Size Fits All
5/24/13 09:20 PM

Also, please don't steal photos on your blog! Bloggers think that they can just google an image and take it off of the web. You really need to be contacting the photographer directly to get permission to use their photo (even if you credit them). In Canada photographers own the copyright to their images so if you use it without permission (even if you credit their name) you could get sued.

I'm a professional photographer and some people have stolen my images and then posted them on Flickr as "creative commons", which in turn causes more people to steal them. Even if it appears to be "creative commons" you should be contacting the photographer directly.

Happy blogging!

Can I Post Adaptations of Published Recipes on My Food Blog? Good Questions
5/24/13 09:05 PM

Don't paint a ceiling line. We have the same ceilings and considered the line but saw it in other homes and it just doesn't look right. Just paint the entire space, including the ceiling one colour. We did ours in a light grey and it's beautiful.

If you do want to have some sort of division, I've seen a lot of places with a small moulding (not crown moulding, more like a small bit of trim) a small distance down. Like this:


Advice for Tying Together Decor? Good Questions
5/17/13 07:43 PM


The cilantro dressing used on the rice can also be used on salads. It's a great way to use it all up.

Ideas for Using Up Leftover Cilantro? Good Questions
5/10/13 11:42 AM

Horsehead lamp = awesome. Don't listen to your friends.

Thumbs Up for Horse Head Lamp? Good Questions
4/16/13 01:13 PM

There are a lot of homes in downtown Toronto (where we live) that look like this. I personally really dislike the stone (two houses across the street from us have this and I find that it sticks out like sore thumb among the rest of the brick homes on the street).

I'd get a quote on removing it first since it might be less expensive than you think. However, I wouldn't stucco it (I personally really dislike that look) but would be more inclined to paint it. I think paint would be better than the stone.

Pretty house though!

Can I Paint Over Exterior Stone Veneer? Good Questions
4/11/13 03:57 PM

We got our cat from Toronto Cat Rescue and couldn't be happier! She's lying on the bed next to me right now.

Giving Up Your Pets: A Happy Ending
4/9/13 10:20 AM

We bought a house that had a newly installed Ikea kitchen installed. Honestly, at first I didn't like them since the colour wasn't our thing but after living with an Ikea kitchen for some time now, I wouldn't ever recommend it.

I find that the cabinets are just too short and shallow. They don't even hold our plates! Also, they just feel cheap. It's like I can smell the MDF under the wood veneer.

The few things that aren't bad about them is that the hinges seem so be good and the drawers close quietly. Otherwise, there's nothing particularly redeeming about them.

Friends of ours did Ikea cabinets but customized the handles and countertops so that it looks a little more updated. It looks nice and they seem to have put some real effort into designing the layout.

Still, I wouldn't recommend them.

Are IKEA Kitchen Cabinets a Good Idea? Good Questions
4/2/13 06:29 PM