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Incredible! That railing detail int he middle threw me and I couldn't possibly imagine what that piece would look like in the "after". Well done!

Before & After: A Dated Desk Gets a Fresh, Clean Look
7/24/14 08:59 PM

The top photo (pink floor and ceiling) is easily the happiest kitchen I have ever seen. Total pin-bait.

5 Budget Kitchen Upgrades You Can Make This Weekend
5/5/14 02:37 PM

My favorite fantasy. I wish I had closets big enough to do this with - unfortunately some of my bedrooms are already just slightly larger than closets.

Small Space Solution: Convert Your Closet into a Bedroom
4/14/14 01:25 PM

Torn: There's so much bad/ugly/knockoff furni-junk cluttering up thrift stores everywhere, that I'm glad to see a piece rescued and used, but I have to agree that the original had enough style that maybe someone who appreciated the lines could have put it to better use.

Cheers for "rescuing" a disused beaten up piece, Jeers for the bland/generic "after"

Before & After: A Modern Nursery Staple on the Cheap
2/27/14 05:33 PM

It just amazes me when I see transformations this dramatic that someone could see past the shag carpeting, pea soup walls, and flinstones-esque fireplace to something like this!

Before & After: Tasha's Tragic Living Room Gets Gorgeous
2/4/14 10:08 AM

Wow - it takes a LOT of vision to see past that wreck of a chair to something so cool - nice work!

Before & After: A Bold Banquet Chair Upgrade
1/25/14 12:32 PM

Maybe my favorite house tour yet - thanks for sharing!

Tim's Cabinet of Curiosities House Tour
1/16/14 10:43 AM

First off - for that price who cares? And actually - I suspect with the brown undercoating of the original vinyl, this could get a really cool, crackle, aged look over time that might not be unappealing.

Before & After: This Muted Chair Gets a Kick of Color in an Unusual Way
1/7/14 02:15 PM

Like the grey with different decor/accessories, but like others I prefer the "before"

Before & After: Marvellously Moody Dark Fireplace Wall
12/16/13 11:40 AM

I couldn't love this home more (unless they spelled tacos correctly - I'm sure there's a story there I neglected to read). Way to take what could be a sad, bland home and make it truly yours!!

Jill & Dan's Lighthearted Home House Tour
12/11/13 06:02 PM

I think it's a nice step forward. What might really make it a "wow" would be to paint the walls a hue from the new backsplash, and use that color as an accent color for dish towels and accessories. Nice work as is though!

Budget Before & After: 1980s Kitchen Ditches Its Dated Past
12/10/13 11:05 AM

Do you think you could just dab a bit of the cream on with a q-tip or brush if you didn't care about having perfectly round circles?

Christmas DIY Craft Project:
How To Make an Etched Snow Globe Apartment Therapy Tutorial

12/5/13 12:23 PM


Everything Old is New Again: Green and White Bathroom
7/31/13 06:46 PM

Love it. I totally fantasize about this.

Before & After: Heather's Garage Studio Renovation
7/8/13 10:35 AM

LOVE the bathroom. That took some serious vision!

Before & After: A Gut Renovation
in Ditmas Park
The Sweeten

7/3/13 05:16 PM

Just be careful that when you discard the arrangement you're not adding it to your home compost pile. Several flowers shown here (crown vetch, queen anne's lace) are weeds that you wouldn't want re-seeding in your garden.

From Field to Vase: Native Flower Arrangements
7/3/13 05:15 PM

Orange shag carpet, lava lamp and sunburst mirror?

Can This Obnoxious Couch Work? Good Questions
7/2/13 04:05 PM

I really like the low, minimal backsplash along the wall behind the sink. Taking the tile all the way up the wall there would be oppressive. I don't think I've seen something like that before.

Kitchen Before & After: From Dingy White to Warm Wood Reader Kitchen Remodel
7/2/13 03:57 PM

Bummer. That Shaker bench belongs home with me in central PA!

San Francisco's Finest: Campaign Chest, Shaker Bench & Stools The Thursday Scavenger
5/9/13 01:12 PM

No way! I love the wrinkles, it adds texture and depth to the whole thing. Besides, if she lives in the humid south or northeast - it'll "iron itself"

DIY Batik Floral Wall Hanging
5/9/13 01:10 PM